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Happy 2013 with Kovalainen’s snow white rabbit

I saved this shot for New Years Day. Don’t know why, just seemed an appropriate way to celebrate the start of 2013. It’s a fantastic picture from a small white rabbit in the snow.

But that’s not all, it was shot by F1 racing driver Heikki Kovalainen, who shared his Lumia 920 shot with his over 205.000 followers on Twitter, calling it a “cool visitor this morning” and showing what the camera of Nokia’s Lumia 920 is capable of.

Here’s the original, I’ll show a resized version.

Happy New Year!

Via @easycapexpertti

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Last post of 2012: zooming in with the Nokia 808 PureView vs Samsung Galaxy Camera

No, this is not a completely fair comparison. Not at all in fact, and I know it. But I was asked to do it and you all know I aim to please. Moreover, I’m the curious kind of person.

Recently I tested the maximum zoom capacity of the Nokia 808 PureView to compare it with the 21x optical (!) zoom of  the Samsung Galaxy Camera.

In general, I think it’s nice for once to compare the Nokia 808 PureView´s capacities with those of a compact camera, and since I can still use the Galaxy Camera, I don´t think you’d mind this comparison either.

Now from the word “optical” you’ve already concluded this won’t be fair, but still it’s interesting to see how the Nokia 808 PureView can hold up to this kind of hardware. Here we go. It’s just a couple of quite boring shots in fact.

First the originals. This is the resized version of the Nokia 808 PureView in full resolution (yes! I forgot to make the exact same shot in 8MP, shame on me…)

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Nokia 808 PureView: Winners in Creative Mode

Wow. What can I say. 170 entries from all over the world, so many people really doing their creative best to win a Nokia 808 PureView in the PureViewClub Creative Mode Contest.

I’ve been reading a lot of poetry, many people describing how good the Nokia 808 PureView is, some even wrote several entries – and now it’s up to me to decide who the winners are… Never thought that would be so tough to be honest, knowing to disappoint so many people…

Still I feel confident I’ve picked to worthy winners.

First Winner

David Detko from Hungary. He wrote his poetic entry illustrating it with  the shots he made when he had the Nokia 808 PureView during an all too short trial period. In the past, I’ve featured several of his shots here at the PureViewClub, so many here will more or less “know” his work already.

I really think he is incredibly talented, and also with the results from his N9 he is one of the best Nokia ambassadors I know. In fact I believe Nokia should have given him the 808 PureView long ago, and now that Nokia is giving me the opportunity to do so, I can’t resist his talent myself.

This is what he wrote (I linked to the shots he used as illustration, be sure to watch them as well, and you’ll understand why I admire his work so much):

Let nighttime 
or daytime,

let eternal 
or unrepeatable moment,

Live in the world with an open eye
and discover it!

Be patient 
and creative,

… leave the rest to Nokia 808 PureView! ♥

And if you’ve seen all those shots but you’re still not convinced why I truly  believe David Detko deserves a Nokia 808 PureView, check this :-)

The second winner

Philip Xenakis from the UK crafted a very cunning short poem in which he used an “acrostichon”:  the initial letters of the lines form the word Nokia, whereas the last line opens with 808 PureView.

The ABCBCA rhyme scheme is interesting and no too obvious. In all, I even had to look a few times to see how creative his entry was. It happens to be the second entry in this competition I now announce as the “second best” :-)

No detail left uncaptured
Optics that inspire confidence
Knowledge, the key
Innovation through free-thinking persistence
All the difference it makes to me
808 PureView reasons, enraptured

So that’ s it! Congratulations David Detko and Philip Xenakis, you will be contacted soon! Thanks to all for entering this competition, I’m truly honored with all you effort and creativity!


 (PureViewClub is on Twitter and Facebook)

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A cinematographer´s review of the Nokia 808

I’m not extremely fond of videoreviews: a lot of the times they are simply too long, and all too often they seem to feature the reviewer more than the device… I’ll make an exception for the eloquent Phones Show by Steve Litchfield, of course.

And here is another fine exception, a videoreview by Raj Desai, a cinematographer from Mumbai. You’ll find his exentsive review of the Nokia 808 PureView on YouTube, and from there I quote:

When Mumbai-based cinematographer Raj Desai heard about the 41 MP sensor on Nokia’s flagship phone, the 808 PureView, he reckoned it was probably hype. But he did due research, online and hands-on, and finally bought the phone as an alternate for a compact camera. After having used it for a few months, he finds its image quality comparable to his entry-level DSLR, Canon 550 D. He calls this a ‘camera he uses to make calls, rather than a phone that shoots pictures.’ And he desires nothing more from it.

It’s not too long, it’s an honest story with some very nice examples. Enjoy!

Via @mobileyog

(PureViewClub is on Twitter and Facebook)

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Nokia 808 PureView / Samsung Galaxy Camera

Guess I’m not your typical blogger with a black/white fanpage. No doubt in anyone’s mind this site is about Nokia’s PureView, and hence, about Symbian and Windows Phone 8. So, this site is definitely not about Samsung or Android…

And still, here’s a post about the Samsung Galaxy Camera. I once wrote I wasn’t going to spend too much time on it, but it’s available now and people are asking me how it compares to the King of Camphones: the Nokia 808 PureView. Well: time to test! :-)

It’s remarkable how Samsung managed to get the attention from all smartphone blogs with… a compact camera. Because whatever way you look at it, the Galaxy Camera is not a smartphone. It will hold a micro-sim card, but you can’t make any phonecalls with it, not even with a headset, not even using Skype.

But other than that it’s a very converged device, a true “smartcam”, offering not only a compact camera on the latest Android (Jelly Bean), but also connecting it to the internet with the use of a sim card even – the reason I was so surprised it will not allow you to make any kind of calls with it.

Now I suspect you’d expect me to put it down, find all the flaws, discover in which way it more or less or even totally sucks. I’m not going to. I’m a positive person and moreover, I’m not in the bashing business.

I’ll take this camera serious as a converged device as the Nokia 808 PureView is, although it is clear that the 808 has many advantages over the Galaxy Camera. I would never consider the Galaxy Camera to be an “alternative”. But Samsung claimed “no smartphone will surpass the Galaxy Camera” – and that’s exactly how they got the attention of many bloggers.

I have the chance to work with the Galaxy Camera for a while, and I’m sharing the results so far here. So far, because I haven’t done testing yet, but I’m sure this post will be long enough as it is. On my Dutch site I will write an even longer review – here at the PureViewClub, I’m sure you’ll just want to know if Samsung’s claim is true. That is what this post is about. Nothing more, nothing less.

You’ll see several shots I made during the past days with the Nokia 808 PureView and the Samsung Galaxy Camera, in different circumstances. I made these product shots of the Galaxy Camera with the 808 PureView, of course.

In most cases, I chose the 4:3 aspect ratio, giving the Galaxy Cam the most of it’s 16MP sensor. Also, I tried to make similar shots with the Nokia 808 in full resolution and in 8MP PureView. You’ll find ALL originals on Flickr. More, much more after the break

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Nokia 808 PureZoo

(Sorry for the pun, it was just too tempting). Abdul Rehman from Riyad shared some very impressive shots on Flickr he made during his visit to the Delhi Zoo.

I will just share quite a few here, you can have a look at all his animals shots in the link above or on his Facebook page. If you like his work, be sure to like him on Facebook, so you’ll be updated automatically.

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