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Zooming in on Snoop Dogg

Just a very short update to share a video that @Vlado showed me through Twitter. I don’t have much information about it, I don’t know where the concert was, not even when it was recorded – but it’s a big superstar: here is Snoop Dogg, captured with the Nokia 808 PureView!

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In Creative Mode, win a Nokia 808 PureView!

Yes, here’s your chance! You might have suspected Nokia likes what I’m doing at the PureViewClub, so they asked me if I would like to organize something for my readers to win a Nokia 808 PureView.

Of course I was glad to do so, but I told them I get visitors from all over the world, so one would be a bit… well: not enough. So they doubled it! The PureViewClub can give away two Nokia 808! All the more reason for you to join the competition (after all you always have a 50% chance: you win one, or you don’t :-).

What do you do? You don’t have to be on Twitter (too many seem to make a career out of trying to win by retweeting anyway). Liking my page on Facebook will help, but most important: surprise me, move me, make me go wow!

In short – get in Creative Mode. Write something original, funny, astonishing, inspiring, but most important: write down why you would just love to get your hands on the Nokia 808 PureView.

You have somewhere between 140 characters and 70 wordsno more. Be sure you mention “Nokia 808 PureView” in your entry. Post your reaction below, be sure to fill in your correct email address, otherwise I can’t get in touch with you.

I’ll select the entries that really touched me and from those, two will be chosen as the lucky ones. Simple as that! You have until 30/12 to think of something unique and brilliant – I’ll start looking for the best entry on 31/12 and I hope to be able to announce the winners the first day of the new year.

Remember: less is more … Be creative, and good luck! :-)

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Weekend watch…. At the car wash! (Again! :-)

Weeks ago I did some OIS testing racing around with the Nokia Lumia 920. I sort of hoped the rain would take care of the dirt on my car, but it didn’t. So last week I finally headed for the car wash. Again.

You may have seen this video I shot at the car wash with the Nokia 808 PureView, so now that I was there again, why not shoot more or less the same video with the Nokia Lumia 920? I didn’t do a side by side comparison (alas, I didn’t have the second car holder with me…).

So this is the result I got from the Nokia Lumia 920. For comparison, I’m embedding the Nokia 808 video as well – it’s much longer, but it gives you the chance to do some general comparison. You might even get both videos  running more or less parallel – try to start the new video (920) when the first one (808) is at about 2 minutes.

Try to watch these vids at 1080p (Full HD), and don’t be afraid to turn up the sound!

As a bonus I’ll throw in Rose Royce’s great song Car Wash featured in the movie from 1976 :-)

At the car wash with the Nokia Lumia 920

At the car wash with the Nokia 808 PureView

Bonus: Car Wash by Rose Royce – Movie Clip

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Fantastic French winter shots captured with the Nokia Lumia 920

There have been many complaints about the imaging quality of the Nokia Lumia 920, but these shots from France prove it´s very well possible to get some impressive results even before the update we’re all eagerly waiting for in Europe.

I received these pictures from @NOKant1, who lives in  Tignes, in a well-known ski area in the South of France (Savoie). They speak for themselves I guess.

Most are shot in 4:3 (although the default setting is 16:9) and there are some fantastic panoramas as well. I’ll present them here in a playful variation, you may find all shots on the PureViewClub Friends set on Flickr - especially important for the panoramas, which are of course quite small here.

That’s all for now. Like I wrote, all shots are on the PureViewClub Friends set on Flickr. Enjoy! :-)

(PureViewClub is on Twitter and Facebook)

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HDRapp for Nokia 808 PureView – first results

Some time ago, I was proud to offer the first (beta) version of the HDRApp for Nokia 808 PureView, which you can still download in this post. It has been downloaded almost two thousand times.

If you have the Nokia 808 and HDRapp as well, you might want to share some of your results at the special Flickr Group that was opened for it. It’s not directly overflowing yet, so I’ll borrow some of the results here to inspire you :-)

First two typical Dutch winter landscapes by Pixel Peter, who is proving he is a real Dutch master at this kind of photography.

Next a shot by Trong Pham who for some reason doesn’t think much of his shot – but I really like it as well!

I hope these three shots are enough to encourage you to share your result at the HDRApp Flickr Group as well!

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Out Now: CameraPro for Windows Phone 8!

Quite frankly, I never used CameraPro very often on my Nokia 808 PureView. I felt the original menu had more than enough to offer to fit my needs.

With the camera interface of Windows Phone 8 on the Nokia Lumia 920, it’s a totally different story. Here you won’t find anywhere near all the options that were available on the Nokia 808.

And that´s where CameraPro from Tecunique comes in. This app is a beast. It will cost you a bit of money (€2,50 in Europe), but I think the screenshots below will show you it’s a bargain.

I didn’t have time to work with it a lot (yet), but I’m sure I will the coming days, and my guess is you will too if you own a Windows Phone 8 device. I locked myself up in a dark room to make the best possible screenshots for you :-)

First the general menu you get when opening the app:

Much more screenshots after the break!

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