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A video review of the Nokia Lumia 920

No, I don’t like videoreviews very much, usually the reviewer finds himself quite a bit more interesting than the device itself. I will happily make an exception for Steve Litchfield though, and I’d like to share his review of the Nokia Lumia 920 here.

I don’t completely agree with all he has to say, but I don’t have to – it’s more important you have a chance to know his vision on the smartphone as well I think, since Steve is a very experienced user and fair reviewer as well.

If you’d like my own opinion, here’s my review of the Nokia Lumia 920 and Windows Phone 8

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New colorful shots of Nokia Lumia accessories

During yesterday’s presentation in The Netherlands, we learned that the Dutch can’t be expecting the Lumia (920 and 820) before January next year. Fans of course are very disappointed, but there is not much Nokia Netherlands can do about it.

To make up for it however, Nokia will offer a free charging plate with the Nokia Lumia 920 (only if you order or buy one before february 1!) and every Nokia Lumia 820 will get a shell for wireless charging (normally a seperate accessory). This of course to prevent the eager ones to cross the border with Germany and buy one over there, if they will be available there again that is…

With the press pictures that were given out, I found a few original, colorful shots of the new accessories Nokia is offering for the Lumia’s: wireless charging, the JBL PowerUp speaker, the brilliant Monster BlueTooth headset, the FatBoy pillow for a wireless power nap – you know them all I guess. But you probably have never seen these shots before.

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Nokia 808 captures a Dutch moonlit windmill

I just noticed a tweet from John @wireduser (proud Dutch owner of the Nokia 808 PureView) in which he shared one of his first nightshots. I retweeted it immediately (follow @PureViewClub to get that kind of updates directly) but I though the atmosphere in this shot was too special not to share it here at the club as well.

And no, it’s not the sharpest shot we’ve ever seen from the Nokia 808 PureView, I noticed that as well. But the atmosphere reminds of some of the great Dutch painters, and I’m curious if you like it as much as I do. You’ll find the Original here.

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The most extreme test of OIS on the Lumia 920

This is quite something else than driving my bike in the forest… Two techblogs, UK Mobile Review and MEA Mobile Review have held the most extreme test of Optical Image Stabilisation on the Nokia Lumia 920 to-date. The result is absolutely stunning…

The test involved securing the Lumia 920 to the front of a 4×4 whilst on a dune bashing expedition. Dune bashing is something I never had the privilige of doing: it’s driving and drifting over large sand dunes in the Desert in Dubai. The vehicles have very little air in their tyres and the risks include slipping down into quick sand and losing control whilst going sideways on the side of a sand dune).

The test was undertaken in the Desert between Hatta and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. You will find the video below, I’ll quote their comments on the video first:

The Nokia Lumia 920 features Optical Image Stabilisation. This means that you can say goodbye to those shaky home videos. But how good is it? We put it to the test in the heart of the desert in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We hooked up the Lumia 920 to the front of a Land Rover recording 1080p full HD video. The phone was secured using three plastic cable ties and was attached to the bottom rung of the grill at the front of a Land Rover. We then took the Land Rover (and with it the Lumia 920) dune bashing as part of the desert safari experience provided by North Tours (http://www.northtours.net).

This is the actual video that the Lumia 920 captured – the only editing has been to remove the scenes prior and post the actual dune bashing and to add the title scenes – we’ve included the original audio and haven’t removed any scenes (as you can see about 1 minute in, the video jumps as the ground was bumpy and the Lumia 920 was shaking). The video HAS NOT been touched up or stabilised or optimised in ANY WAY – it’s REALLY that GOOD!!

Also, today they are publishing 150 Hot Air Balloon photos captured with the Nokia Lumia 920 at 4,000 feet above the air in the Desert between Hatta and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Captured at 6am, these provide an amazing example of the quality of the Lumia 920 camera in these ever-changing sunny conditions. Here I will just share one (resized), you will find the links below it.

On UK Mobile Review, you will find part 1
On MEA Mobile Review, you will find part 2

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A yellow and red Nokia Lumia 920 in PureView

Of course, these are all captured with the Nokia 808 PureView – a few shots of unpacking the yellow version of the Nokia Lumia 920 I could borrow from Nokia to compare its colors with the red version.

Most of these shots are made in the evening under a bright lamp. I used the Xenon flash to get rid of the shades in the pictures. In some cases I couldn’t use the flash, and then you will see the pictures aren´t as bright. I published some unpack pictures of the red Nokia Lumia 920 earlier and of course they look very similar, but using the flash brings out the color much better).

Interesting: by now, there are more than a 1000 votes in the poll on which color to choose: 25% would choose yellow, whereas only 15% (!) would choose red. The classic black (matte) version is much more popular (20%) and many voters would prefer cyan (17%), although cyan (matte as well) is an AT&T exclusive (as far as I know). White (14%) and grey (10%) are the least popular choices.

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Recording music with Nokia 808 and Lumia 920

This is a very interesting video recording, comparing the video and sound quality of the Nokia 808 PureView versus the Nokia Lumia 920. It’s shot by @EasycapExpertti, who has a brilliant site with music videos, shot using the most recent high-end Nokia devices.

Rich Recording is another extremely important innovation Nokia premiered in the 808 PureView – I was already deeply impressed with the PureView imaging technology, but after hearing for the first time what you can actually achieve with Rich Recording, I was totally blown away by the Nokia 808.

Now the Nokia Lumia 920 doesn´t offer “rich recording” according to its specifications. I’m not sure why, but one of the reasons probably is that it doesn’t record in stereo. However, there is no distortion since Nokia is using the same type of microphones as in the 808 PureView: HAAC, which stands for High Amplitude Audio Capture. Below you’ll see the video, over at the site were I got it from you can read some more background information.

One more thing though, you’ll see that it’s possible to zoom in while recording on the Nokia 808 PureView – and that’s another important advantage over the Lumia 920. Just listen to this with your headphone on, you’ll notice the difference.

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