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Zooming in on a “flying” motorbike – Samsung Galaxy K Zoom vs Nokia Lumia’s PureView

Another very short post, sharing a funny scene I saw in my hometown – a motorbike on a high statue: something nice to zoom into. Now of course, the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom has the obvious advantage here. Still, what can you expect from your Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520? How close can you get?

In this post I’ll share the zoomed results from all devices – but to show you far the distance was, here’s a resized version of the 34MP original I got from the Lumia 1020.

Nokia Lumia 1020 34MP 1With the Nokia Lumia 1520 – its 20MP (19MP in 16:9) you can zoom in this far.

Lumia 1520 5MPAs you probably know, with PureView you zoom in on the sensor. You’ll loose “oversampling” the more you zoom in, but you’ll get the true image – there is no digital zoom. And since the Lumia 1020 has a much bigger sensor, you can zoom in quite a bit closer. You might not have been aware of that, and here’s the proof.

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A lovely hollyhock in the morning sun – Nokia Lumia 1520 vs Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Just a very short post – one flower I captured this morning on my way to work, more or less close-up with the the Nokia Lumia 1520 and the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom (not using the optical zoom). Similar sensors (20MP vs 19MP), all settings on auto, although the early morning sun was very bright, so I put both devices on -3 exposure value.

First: here are the resized versions. Most important is the difference in color. Nokia Lumia 1520 first, Samsung Galaxy K Zoom second.

Rose - Nokia Lumia 1520 19MPRose - Samsung Galaxy K ZoomQuite frankly, I think the Lumia 1520 does reproduce the best colors – although red is always very hard to capture for some reason. Again, the K Zoom produces a bit lighter result. It can be quite handy in less favorable circumstances, but it does have some disadvantages as I will show in a future post.

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Loyal PureViewClub member Endijs Gütmanis’ Nokia History

Celebrating the PureViewClub started two years ago, on May 18 I asked you to send me your own favorite PureView shots and if possible a good story to go with it.

Many reacted directly under the post itself, but loyal PureViewClub visitor Endijs Gütmanis from Latvia sent me his story by e-mail and a few of his shots – and I think it’s high time I share it here now. So everything you read and see below is by Endijs Gütmanis.

I will try to keep it short! My first experience with a mobile camera was when I saw a Siemens S55. I was very impressed that you could capture a photo with your phone but I didn’t ever use it. My first cell phone was the Nokia 5210 and my very fist camera phone was the Nokia 6670 – 1MP camera was very impressive at that time!

After the 6670 I owned the Nokia N95 – and already after taking a few shots with it I started to understand how powerful camera phones can be. I won’t share any photo taken with N95, because in all the good photos there are people, so I want to keep them private.

After N95 I had the Nokia N8. I got to know about the N8 through a TV commercial and my jaws dropped when I heard about a 12MP sensor. I had a 5MP shooter in the N95, I couldn’t even imagine to double that and even add 2MP more! (5*2+2=12 :-) Bad thing is that I didn’t know much about photography when I owned the N95 or the N8, so I haven’t any brilliant shots to share from them!

When using N8 I came across a tech blog and my first reaction on title about Nokia 808 was same as Marc’s reaction – he wrote: “I remember the day I heard about the 41MP sensor – and my instant reaction that it must have been a typo in the press release. It seemed such a “giant step for mankind” after the 12MP on the Nokia N8 – 14MP simply seemed more logical.”

Same here, I was shocked! 41 or 14MP? I googled and I just stared at all the results, didn’t find any it should indeed be 14MP…

Up until now, I took 4676 photo with the 808 PureView, they all are in my PC and it was incredibly hard to choose only one photo to share with you, but I did it and I think – not only this is a best photo taken with 808, but it is the best photo I ever took in my entire life!

Endijs Gütmanis - Nokia 808 PV (1) 640 x 360

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Samsung Galaxy K Zoom vs Nokia PureView (2)

Here we go again, a few of many more comparisons to come between the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom versus several of Nokia’s PureView devices. Maybe you’d like to know how it compares to for instance the Xperia Z2, but I had to send that back already (moreover, I can’t keep carrying more than seven smartphones everyday :-).

First, I’d like to pick up where I left the previous post, the shot from the patform at the small train station – this is how I captured it with the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom.

9 Samsung Galaxy Zoom 20MP

Now in this case, I won’t be zooming in with the K Zoom (it’s obvious forte) – I just want to see how the several devices perform without using any zoom. For this, I made a crop of the rooftop that was lit by the evening sun.

First, I’ll show you the crops from the most similar sensors: that of the K Zoom (first 20MP) and the Nokia Lumia 1520 (second, 19MP). Keep in mind the Lumia isn’t profiting from any “PureView” (oversampling) technique here.

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Adobe Photoshop Express on Windows Phone

This is just a very short post to let you know Adobe’s Photoshop Express is now available on Windows Phone, as I just learned from a post over at Mashable. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to test it, but I did download it and made some screenshots, which I cut an resized to fit this post.

I think they speak for themselves, and give you an interesting first impression from what you may expect from this free application. As far as I’ve seen you can add different “packs” to get even more out of it by the way, for about €3.

Download link is here. Adobe Photoshop Expres Screenshot 1 Adobe Photoshop Expres Screenshot 2 Read more…

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Samsung Galaxy K Zoom vs Nokia PureView (1)

Again, I’ve dozens of shots to compare and even after “killing my darlings” they won’t fit into one post. Moreover, I have many more shots to make since I can only use the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom for a few more days :-/

I’ll write a longer review of the Galaxy K Zoom later, but let me describe what’s it like to work with the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom in the first place? Well: it sure is fun. The display has 4.8 inches and it’s a Super AMOLED, so colors are lovely. Resolution is 720 x 1080 pixels, which of course will give you a pretty sharp (306 PPI) image as well, although it isn’t Full HD as on the Galaxy S5 (432 PPI).

Nokia 808 PureView and Samsung Galaxy K ZoomAnd although the device is pretty big – a bit like a full-grown Nokia 808 PureView – it’s amazing how Samsung managed to get a 10x optical zoom in there. Your lens is always protected when you’re not using the camera, it opens remarkably fast, there’s an impressive amount of different settings to choose from and if you like to get closer to your subject it’s close to impossible to beat an optical zoom.

There’s a lot more to write about it of course, but I’ll save that for my review later. First two scenes I captured with it and with several of Nokia’s PureView devices. First the (inevitable) flowers in the sun. Flowers because they always make for a nice colorful shot and offer great detail to compare.

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