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Why have Nokia 808 PureView pictures disappeared from Facebook? (2)

Exactly one week ago, I wrote this post about many people noticing their Nokia 808 PureView albums appear to have vanished from Facebook.

Since last week more and more users have noticed the same thing happen to their shared memories, whereas others find their shots in a folder called “mobile uploads”.  The last seem to be a minority, although those not affected by a problem usually do not react.

You can find part of the discussion on Twitter if you search for “Facebook PureViewClub“, but I scrolled through my timeline to get some interesting discussions, like this one, between Andy Hagon and Stephen Quin.

The latter – a good PureView friend from the UK – is the (lucky) one who found all his shots in the “mobile uploads” folder, but Andy – another PureView friend from the US – is not so lucky:

Andy Hagon

Andy has his shots on Flickr as well though, and – as others have pointed out during the discussion – it would be strange to count on Facebook as your photo archive. Not just since you never know what might happen with this kind of online storage, but also that your original shots will be compressed to hell.

As for now, Nokia Care can’t do much more than repeating that the matter is “under investigation”. That might look a bit lazy, but I can imagine that investigating something over at Facebook is not an easy thing to do. So maybe this will help as well: a very interesting contribution by Jan Ole Suhr, developer of the once sacred Gravity application (check the link if you still use your 808 PureView).

I pulled him into the discussion since I wondered if uploads from Gravity can still be found on Facebook – or not. Here’s is the complete thread I think is interesting enough to write this post about. From that, I will quote the following.

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An Amsterdam Afternoon – Nokia 808, 930 & 1020, Samsung Galaxy K Zoom and LG G3 (4)

This is the last (and longest) post based on the shots I captured last wednesday in Amsterdam. Turns out if wasn’t a very bad afternoon in spite of the many clouds, since we’ve been seeing tons of rain in the Netherlands for the past days. Not much to complain, although the sunlight proved to be a challenge on many occasions.

In this post you’ll see ten shots from two different scenes. First, a beautiful view on Amsterdam, taken from the “Kalvertoren” almost at the end of the famous Kalverstraat, the end near the Munt tower at Muntplein (see Here maps).

It’s a shopping mall in fact, and if you take the elevator to the top floor you can enjoy a splendid view on just about all sides of Amsterdam, enjoying a drink or even a small meal (I’m not getting paid to write this by the way, it’s just another “must see” when you’re visiting Amsterdam).

View from the Kalvertoren
You’ll be behind huge windows – warm and safe, but to capture the view you will have to push your lens to the glass. That works most of the time, but not if you have an extremely orange Nokia Lumia 930 – so I had to leave that out in this scene. So let’s start with the LG G3 and the Galaxy K Zoom.

5 LG G3 - 10MP - View on Amsterdam

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom
5 Samsung Galaxy K Zoom - 15MP - View on Amsterdam

I’m starting to sound like a broken record maybe, but again you’ll see contrast / colours in LG’s result appear to be “more pleasing”. Maybe it’s fun to share the crops of these shots directly.

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An Amsterdam Afternoon – Nokia 808, 930 & 1020, Samsung Galaxy K Zoom and LG G3 (3)

You’ve already seen two posts from my trip to Amsterdam, where I went on a bright day with heavy clouds, carrying not only the Lumia 930, Galaxy K Zoom and LG G3, but in fact also the Nokia 808 PureView and Lumia 1020.

I didn’t get all scenes with all smartphones for different reasons. Sometimes the fast changing light just drove me crazy. Sometimes too many people suddenly crowded the scene I chose. Sometimes I simply forgot one. I selected four more scenes I captured that afternoon and I will present them to you here in this and the next post.

In this first post you’ll see two canals once more – that’s what the city is so famous for. The first one with bikes (another Dutch specialty so to say – be really careful for their reckless drivers once in Amsterdam, chances are you are in their way just about wherever you are).

What you’re looking at is the Beulingsloot, so unknown I had to look it up in fact. The word “sloot” mean “ditch” by the way – it wasn’t considered a real canal, but you can go through it with a small boat.

Here we go. I want to focus on the new kids in town first, so let’s start with the Nokia Lumia 930 again, LG G3 next and Samsung Galaxy K Zoom third.

1 Nokia Lumia 930 - 5MP - Amsterdam Bikes


1 LG G3 - 10MP - Amsterdam Bikes

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Why have Nokia 808 PureView pictures disappeared from Facebook? (Updated)

There is growing unrest among Nokia 808 PureView users who see their complete picture galleries disappear from Facebook. The discussion has been going on on Twitter since a few days.

Let me just quote one of many complaints, by Marco Ferrari:On Nokia 808 Pureview with Belle FP2 is not possible anymore to upload to Facebook, please fix it asap“. Two minutes later he posts: “No more picture upload on Facebook but the worst is that entire Album Nokia 808 Pictures is lost!!!” And he links to – who else – Steve Litchfield writing about the issue here at AllAboutSymbian marcoferrari Steve writes: “Internet services, it seems, just can’t resist fiddling with their APIs. And clearly something at Facebook’s end has been tweaked just a little, since the social image sharing built into Gallery on Symbian Belle FP2 now doesn’t work anymore. Symbian Developers does report that all still works for Belle FP1 and before though, ‘thanks to Nokia Social’ being used instead for the sharing bit.

The issue has been discussed on Nokia Discussions and on Symbian Developers. Especially on Nokia Discussions, people are extremely disappointed to say the least – I guess they are trying to stay polite, being on a Nokia Forum, the reactions on AllAboutSymbian are a bit more emtional I might add. More info and several updates after the break!

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Celebrating 6600 Twitter followers with Nokia Time Warp XV: unpacking the Nokia 6600

You may know I have a thing with numbers. It’s been a while: on January 30 this year I celebrated the fact the PureViewClub reached 5110 followers on Twitter. I did so with one of my “Nokia Time Warps” – unpacking old Nokia devices like they are new, capturing that “special moment” with the newest PureView device.

Now it’s August and this community has reached well over 6600 followers – so here it is, the next Nokia Time Warp, this time with the Nokia 6600! This one is from 10 years ago. Chief designer Frank Nuovo and his team already thought of some amazing designs with the Nokia 5510, 7650 (my first Time Warp), 3650, 8600, N-Gage and the related 3300.

In those days, it looked like not every device really needed to be succesfull. Those were the days: Nokia was proud market leader anyway, it didn’t really matter if one device appeared to be less popular than another (but the N-Gage has been an painful failure to enter the game market). Anyway, it was very much about unique design, diversification and brand awareness. Most important thing was you could by a unique Nokia to fit your style and needs.

The Nokia 6600 was part of that period. Definitely a mobile phone, but unlike any other one we’ve seen until then. I never owned it until about half a year ago, planning to write this article :-) The box is not immaculate (it has some spots), but it will have to do. It’s getting harder and harder to get to these devices at all. Most important to me is the package is complete and you can get the feeling what it was like unpacking this, in 2003/2004…

These shots were all captured with the Nokia Lumia 930. First of all, the pretty lady in the laboratory, holding the fruit of her visionary imagination.

Nokia 6600 - 1

Since as you can see on the back of the box: vision becomes reality…

Nokia 6600 - 2

I seriously wonder what it must have felt like to see this, ten years ago…

Nokia 6600 - 3

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An Amsterdam Afternoon – with Nokia 808 PureView and Lumia 1020 (bonus shots)

In my previous two posts I concentrated on the Nokia Lumia 930, Samsung Galaxy K Zoom and LG G3, since these are the most recent smartphone cameras. But I knew it would be a matter of time before people would ask me to include the Nokia 808 PureView and Lumia 1020 as well, so I anticipated a bit an brought those two as well (I aim to please as you probably know :-)

I have to admit I didn’t get all scenes with all 5 devices. In fact, this kind of weather can be pretty frustrating, since the light changes so fast you sometimes you don’t have time enough to switch devices. In other words: a bright sunny scene can become very dark within 10 seconds or so. And of course, you can wait for the light to change back, but that can a lot of time as well.

So I planned to get as much comparable shots as I could. In this post you will see most of the scenes you already know, now captured with the Nokia 808 PureView and Lumia 1020.

First, the resized versions coming from the 808 PureView (8MP) and Lumia 1020 (5MP)

1 Near Amsterdam CS - Nokia 808 PureView 8MP 1 Near Amsterdam CS - Nokia Lumia 1020 5MP

Next, the crops from this scene. Lumia 1020 5MP first.

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