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Nokia 808 PureView shots, albums and memories suddenly reappear on Facebook

Wow, it’s certainly cheering quiet a few people up that all the shots they shared on Facebook from their Nokia 808 PureView have suddenly reappeared.

I’m not sure what has happened – don’t think anyone is ever going to tell me – but a few weeks ago many 808 PureView shots shared in posts (even complete Nokia 808 albums of over a few thousand shots!) suddenly vanished. With those, all the added comments, memories, likes and reactions vanished as well.

So the whole issue wasnt about people relying on Facebook as their back-up, as much as people frustrated to see a huge part of their history just gone into oblivion - it seemed. This evening, I learn everything has reappeared just like if nothing has ever happened – at all. And I’m pretty sure no-one is going to tell me what made that possible either.

You can read a few of the reactions in this discussion on Twitter (started by Mark Coley). I’ll just share this screenshot, I’m sure many more reactions will follow :-)

808 return on Facebook a

808 return on Facebook b

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Here it is: the Nokia Lumia 830 PureView – shots, first impressions and specs

It’s the most affordable way to get innovations like PureView imaging in your hands. That’s what Nokia claims. Today Nokia/Microsoft Mobiles announces the Nokia Lumia 830, and since it’s a PureView device, I’m proud to share some of the the first shots of this new Lumia here, together with just about all of its technical specifications.

I know many of what you’re about to read has leaked already by the way, so I’m not claiming to be first. But I do respect my international sources and I do keep my promise - no publication until the official announcement.

I’m not at the IFA in Berlin – couldn’t make it, alas. But I did manage to get a few very nice shots from this new design, which feels remarkably light and looks a bit “stretched” if I may say. I’ll share the shots together with the specs I got, but let me first tell you what I think is most important in the Lumia 830.

Lumia 830 - 4 colors

As you can see, it comes in four colours – the same as the Lumia 930: black, white, green and orange. Again, the black version doesn’t have the silver colored aluminium casing. But that’s not what interests you most I guess.

First of all – it has a 10MP PureView sensor: not 20MP as many have guessed. So we can’t be expecting any “zoom reinvented” marketing (which appears to be history anyway), but it does have OIS and that counts as “PureView” as well since the Lumia 920. Flash is LED – I wouldn’t expect a Xenon flash in a device like this anyway.

This might be a big disappointment to many, but there’s a lot of stuff to like, too – and it’s all about hardware.

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In the supermarket: Nokia Lumia 930, LG G3, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy K Zoom

I do hope you like supermarkets… Today I wanted some constant light, much detail and many colours. So why not bring four smartphone cameras to the supermarket? Light circumstances here are average – not very good as in the bright sunlight I love so much, not too dark which makes it quite hard to capture good shots anyway.

I asked Samsung for another trial period with the Galaxy S5 to compare it to both the K Zoom and LG’s G3. I brought the Lumia 930 since it has a comparable sensor size. I’ve already shown numerous times the Lumia 1020 and 808 PureView are in a league of their own so I left those at home for once.

You’ll see a selection of the four scenes I captured – resized to 640 x 360 pixels to fit this post – and several crops. It’s just too much to share it all in one post, so I’ll just share a selection of the most revealing results and leave the other shots for you to compare on Flickr, as you are used to.

This is not about esthetics (as in: I didn’t try to find a great scene to compare) but simply about imaging quality. All devices are on auto settings. Personally, I’m looking forward to the differences between the three Android devices – and to compare those to the Nokia Lumia 930, which is building quite a reputation for itself already (together with the Icon, of course).

In case you don’t know how I work: I make several shots from each scene with every device. You really need to in general I noticed, differences may be very big for whatever reason. Especially with the Android devices you should make at least two or three shots per scene (they’re fast enough anyway) to be sure you’ll capture a shot that pleases you most.

From each series of shots, I select the best. I resize them and I make comparable crops. Only when I start writing my post, I start comparing. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do now, knowing that you’re reading this and you’re exactly as curious as I am. Here we go :-)

I’ll start every scene with the resized 5MP result coming from the Lumia 930. Not just because it’s most likely to give you the sharpest result, but also because I won’t include it in the crops. Let’s start with this one.

Spiceries Nokia Lumia 930 5MPSince The Netherlands have a somewhat confusing colonial history, you’ll find spiceries like these in just about any supermarket. I chose to crop part of this shot slightly above the center. Below, you’ll see the results coming from the LG G3 (10MP), Samsung Galaxy K Zoom (15.1MP) and Galaxy S5 (16MP).

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Which is your favourite Windows Phone blog?

Wow, that was a big surprise just now – the PureViewClub is nominated for a competition over at Nokia Conversations. I don’t feel I really stand a chance up against dedicated websites like AllAboutWindowsPhone or Windows Phone Central, but the fact that the PureViewClub is included is extremely motivating,

So this post is just to point you to the competition – you decide which blog you read most and appreciate most – in short: which one to vote for. And although I do admire quite a few of the other sites and blogs mentioned, I did vote for my own blog this time :-) Click the pic to go to the poll over at Nokia Conversations!

Favorite blog

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Hilversum old harbour: 808 PureView, Lumia 1020 & 930, G3, Galaxy K Zoom

This is a part of Hilversum which is a bit “un-Dutch” so to say. Most part of this country is flat, as you probably know. This place is called “Old Harbour”, since well, that’s what it used to be – a small harbour, right in the middle of Hilversum. And it’s not exactly flat.

oude havenIt was finished in 1876 and used until 1938. I have no idea when this picture was taken, I found it online. The scene I captured last week are the houses on the far left side and was taken from the about the middle of the picture above.

These days, there is a large terrace at a restaurant that has been built there a few years ago (worth a visit, it has a great restaurant and there is a big aquarium below where I captured my Finding Nemo and friends post).

I’ve been waiting for the light to be just about perfect to capture this scene exactly like I had it in mind: late in the afternoon, sunlit, preferably some fantastic clouds in the background. I captured it with the Nokia 808 PureView, Lumia 1020 & 930, the LG G3 and the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom (using different settings and its zoom capacity just to show what it’s capable of).

First, I’ll show you the difference what happens if you do or do not focus on the brightest part in the shot with the Nokia Lumia 930 (and 1020 for that matter). In the first shot, I focused on the buildings. You’ll see the clouds are “burned”.

Nokia Lumia 930 5MP Old Harbour Hilversum Read more…

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Why have Nokia 808 PureView pictures disappeared from Facebook? (2)

Exactly one week ago, I wrote this post about many people noticing their Nokia 808 PureView albums appear to have vanished from Facebook.

Since last week more and more users have noticed the same thing happen to their shared memories, whereas others find their shots in a folder called “mobile uploads”.  The last seem to be a minority, although those not affected by a problem usually do not react.

You can find part of the discussion on Twitter if you search for “Facebook PureViewClub“, but I scrolled through my timeline to get some interesting discussions, like this one, between Andy Hagon and Stephen Quin.

The latter – a good PureView friend from the UK – is the (lucky) one who found all his shots in the “mobile uploads” folder, but Andy – another PureView friend from the US – is not so lucky:

Andy Hagon

Andy has his shots on Flickr as well though, and – as others have pointed out during the discussion – it would be strange to count on Facebook as your photo archive. Not just since you never know what might happen with this kind of online storage, but also that your original shots will be compressed to hell.

As for now, Nokia Care can’t do much more than repeating that the matter is “under investigation”. That might look a bit lazy, but I can imagine that investigating something over at Facebook is not an easy thing to do. So maybe this will help as well: a very interesting contribution by Jan Ole Suhr, developer of the once sacred Gravity application (check the link if you still use your 808 PureView).

I pulled him into the discussion since I wondered if uploads from Gravity can still be found on Facebook – or not. Here’s is the complete thread I think is interesting enough to write this post about. From that, I will quote the following.

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