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News: hello again Feature Pack 2 – and Nokia Lumia 920 up for pre-order!

I won’t flatter myself – it’s just a coincidence that after my complaints about no Nokia PureView news at all, suddenly there’s lots of things happening today! :-)

First: Feature Pack 2 is out! Yes, it’s there again, so hurry to Nokia Suite or “dial” *#0000# on your Nokia 808 and hit the menu button to “check for updates”. Did you already install a previous version of FP2, than install the Music Store update Nokia has provided (via Nokia Suite).

Next, Clove UK has announced pre-order pricing of some Lumia 920 and 820 accessories, says WPCentral.com. Also, WPCentral knows the Lumia 920 itself might be on its way to O2 in the UK…

Meanwhile, NegriElectronics is offering the Lumia 920 itself already on pre-order – the yellow version for almost $700. And TheDroidGuy (everybody wants to switch to Lumia it seems ;-) shares that the Lumia 920 is up for pre-order in France for €650. And that’s all about a black version, according to their source: Phonehouse France.

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How to join the PureViewClub

Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised by an e-mail asking me how to join the PureViewClub. That’s not strange, since “club” is not only a social gathering place, but can be reserved for members as well… But it’s not. Let me explain. The “club” is a metaphore – you can join by visiting it and enjoying it already.

You might want to follow @PureViewClub on Twitter as well. There are >1440 1611 2000 2400  4000 people following my regular updates now, and as they say: the more the marrier. I always have a certain “goal” in mind by the way, based on Nokia model numbers – my next goal to celebrate will be 1610 2110 3310 5110 followers :-)

To celebrate my post nr. 500, I put the PureViewclub on Facebook as well – you might want to like the page to get the updates in your own Facebook timeline (for instance if you don’t use Twitter).

Also, if you are really serious about joining, you might want to join the PureViewClub Forum, which you can always find at the top of this page – than you are getting real close becoming a member.

Joining the Forum is free as well, but I would really like to point you to my question on the right side of this page, about making a voluntary contribution to support this site. It’s costing me a lot more than just my time, I hope it’s worth more to you than that as well (thank you!)

And last, if you have a Nokia 808 PureView, or the Nokia Lumia 920, (updated) or the 925, 928 or 1020, and if you share your PureView pictures on Flickr, you might want to join the PureViewClub Group there, just invite yourself when you are ready to do so. That’s on invite only, since I’d like to be in control of what people are sharing there.

If you are new to the PureViewClub or you just got your Nokia 808 PureView, see my post with a round-up with how-to’s and background information, including a link to my previous welcome post with more information how-to navigate this site.

You can see some of my own work on Flickr and on YouTube (and in higher quality on Vimeo). The picture in this post is from Finding Nemo and Friends by the way, it’s the aquarium at the club :-)

The PureViewClub is open 24/7 and posts are on the house! I really hope you enjoy your stay…

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Lightning Ad 3

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Feeding the mantis, with a Nokia 808 up close

It’s just a smart video, but absolutely worth to watch. It was shot with the Nokia 808 PureView in macro mode using CameraPro app. Looks like Phonetorch channel on YouTube has much more interesting stuff to offer! This one speaks for itself. I can only remind you once more to choose 1080p for maximum quality :-)

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Nokia 808 PureView scores near perfect on Connect.dpreview.com

My PureView friend Peter Meijs (the one who wrote the great “how to make HDR shots” post here at the club) just tipped me there is a no less than raving review of the Nokia 808 PureView to be found at the new site connect.dpreview.com.

It’s a 10 (!) page long, very detailed, very technical and critical analyses of the Nokia 808 PureView as a camera, or as they write on the first page: Please note though that this article doesn’t touch on the 808 PureView’s performance as a phone. That’s not what interests us. We want to see what it’s like as a camera…  

I will just quote one line from this extensive review. This comes from a comparison with the iPhone 5, HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III, which is very rewarding to read in itself. The Nokia 808′s image quality in its 8MP PureView mode is nothing short of stunning. Detail capture from edge to edge is extremely high and whereas the iPhone 5 (and the other cameras in this comparison) show a marked tendency to clip highlights in some areas of this scene, the 808 preserves bright detail more faithfully thanks to the extra dynamic range that comes courtesy of its unique PureView oversampling technology”.

But that’s just a part of a fascinating analyses. The writers specifically ask not to publish any of their sample pictures without permission, which I respect of course. So no sample pictures from the site here, but in the review which I truly believe is worth all the time you need to read it. Enjoy!

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No Nokia PureView news in days…

News is slow if you’re looking for anything about Nokia PureView lately. The Nokia Lumia 920 has been announced more than a month ago. There has been a lot of excitement about it and sometimes even more commotion surrounding  it.

Latest news was the not completely unexpected cyan version of the Lumia 920, which will be available on AT&T in the US – I can only hope it will reach other markets as well.

But apart from that not so very exciting announcement (another colour, wow) there has been not much I could dig up about Nokia PureView. Yes, I’ve read the Nokia 808 PureView finally reached Nigeria. That’s good in itself, but that’s it.

The PureViewClub has a new logo, did you notice?

What’s next, Symbian news? Today an update has been made available for Nokia Music on Symbian/Nokia Belle. In some countries you now have Mix Radio, in other countries you don’t. People are still waiting for the official update of Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 – maybe it’s final the next time, you never know these days.

Nokia news in general? Nokia has announced the Lumia 810, a new Windows Phone 8 which came out of nowhere. T-Mobile will offer in the US. But it doesn’t offer PureView. The Nokia Atlas @evleaks has leaked today doesn’t either for sure. Now what.

I’d love to bring you PureView news. Like: the Nokia Lumia 920 up for order on Amazon in whatever country – I don’t care. The Nokia Lumia 920 for sale anywhere. People lining up to be the first to get it.

A new colour of the Nokia 808 PureView (cyan, preferably). I’d even like to see @evleaks leak pictures from the next Nokia device offering PureView. I scan the web, I follow every important blog in the world. It’s simply not there.

I really wonder how far Nokia thinks it can stretch the attention span. Competition is a bit different now than back in the old days. People are losing their patience – they might start losing their interest if this takes much longer.

Nokia, are you reading this? The only thing new about PureView in this post is the picture.

What are you waiting for?

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Nokia 808 PureView pictures (1): Detko Dave

During the last months I have been decorating the PureViewClub with pictures, videos and posts, I have received many pictures in several ways, and I decided in the next days I’ll dedicate a few posts to the absolutely fabulous results some achieve with their Nokia 808 PureView.

First someone whose name you might have seen a few times already, since I really admire his work: Detko Dave has not only stunned me, but many more with his mobile photography. He has not only used the Nokia 808 PureView, but also the N9 and his first “mobile camera” was a Nokia as well: the 5800 XpressMusic.

This “mobile photographer” from Szeged, Hungary (@detkodave on Twitter) uses software like Photoshop and SophieCam to get the best out of the results he realizes with his Nokia 808 PureView. I really admire his strong feeling for composition and asked him to compile a set of his Nokia 808 pictures I could present as his “best of”.

If you want more after this selection, please have a look at everything Detko Dave presents on 500PX.

Read more…

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