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A 1960 Renault Dauphine, captured by the 2012 Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia 808 PureView

This post is about a 1960 Renault R 1090 Dauphine I saw standing in front of Restaurant Dauphine in Amsterdam – one of its many “places to be seen“. I was only outside though, since I was invited at the neighbours, Business New Radio, to talk about the Nokia Lumia 920 (see link below). But seeing that old classic was something I couldn’t resist.

Now these are daytime “snapshots” so to say. I had an appointment and I hate to be late. So with these three shots from this classic Renault Dauphine, I’m just showing what you can expect from the cameras in a situation like this. One in 8MP PureView with the Nokia 808, followed by one in full resolution, and one with everything auto with the Nokia Lumia 920.

Nokia 808 PureView, 8MP (resized to 640 x 480)

Nokia 808 PureView full resolution (resized to 640 x 480)

Nokia Lumia 920 (resized to 640 x 480)

Before I go on about some (random) details in these shots, I talked with a professional photographer, one of the guests at today’s same radioshow.

Not only was he impressed with both Nokia’s capturing the car, but also with the amount of detail and contrast in the background. So you might want to focus some of your attention in the original shots on Flickr (link below as well).

Now for some crops. First, a 640 x 480 crop from the 38MP original. No wonder you get a very small part of the picture. Detail is amazing, I think!

Next, the 640 x 480 crop of the Nokia 808 PureView’s 8MP shot. PureView tech at it´s best, an amazing result. I can honestly say that, since all I did was push the button (and crop the result).

And to conclude, below is what the Lumia 920 shows of the same part in detail. Remember: this is a day-time shot (not a “specialty” of the Nokia Lumia 920) and there is no oversampling “pureview” technique involved.

So it really isn’t a bad result at all, it just shows the 808 PureView is still “King” in situations like these, and it looks like it’s going to be King for many years (!) to come. For Nokia, that’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

You can listen to today’s interview about the Nokia Lumia 920 here. It’s quite in the beginning and will take you about 15 minutes. It’s all in Dutch though, and Google Translate does not provide subtitles (yet :-).

As I’ve promised, here are the original shots to compare. And please remember: follow PureViewClub on Twitter and like it on Facebook so I can keep you posted! :-)

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A bike ride in the forest: comparing OIS of the Nokia Lumia 920 with the Nokia 808 PureView

Just a short ride in the woods, on a more or less sunny Sunday afternoon. I took the Nokia Lumia 920 out for a ride and compared it to the Nokia 808 PureView – on my bike.

On the Nokia 808 PureView stabilization was ON and continuous autofocus was ON on both devices (you can’t disable it on the Nokia Lumia 920). I had colors on “vivid” in the Nokia 808 PureView (as I always have). On the Nokia Lumia 920 all is on automatic.

I tried to keep the same pace and the same route in both takes (I had to wait for about 10 minutes to get the same sunlight for the second take). But I wasn’t alone out there, so you will notice some differences. In general, you’ll be able to see more or less the same in both videos.

The footage speaks for itself: you will notice a striking difference in quality! YouTube asked me I would have liked to change the video – of course, I didn’t. You should really see this in full resolution (1080p) if your internet connection allows you to, otherwise, choose 720p if possible.

First: the Nokia 808 PureView

Next: the Nokia Lumia 920

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A mind-boggling Nokia 808 PureView shot

I receive more and more shots made with the Nokia 808 PureView – and also with the Lumia 920. Most are good, some are brilliant, and once in a while I see one that makes me look at it a few times or more: mind-boggling.

Like in this case, a shot by Sergey Melnikov – although the effect was relatively simple to achieve by turning the original shot upside down… However the original might just be a “normal” picture, sometimes – just like in language or life – you simply need to turn things around to be surprised. You will find the original here. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!

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Thai Toads captured with Nokia 808 PureView

I just saw another very charming videoresult from the Nokia 808 PureView and I dropped everything I was doing to share it here: the Toads of Koh Wai, shot on Thailand by @juhalappalainen.

You’ll see some impressive night shots, with great natural sound as well, recorded without any noise thanks to Rich Recording. A lovely video that would fit channels like National Geographic. The Nokia 808 PureView: never leave home without it!

on Youtube

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Nokia 808 PureView captures the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC Windows Phone 8X in detail

Since Apple started whining about “blatantly copying”, suddenly every other company seems to be in trouble as soon as they announce something that looks similar to, or reminds one of another company’s product. As soon as HTC presented the design of the HTC Windows Phone 8X, there has been quite an uproar about the design being “copied” from Nokia.

But what, in fact? The monoblock, consisting of a big touchscreen, is hardly unique. Choosing some bright colors in the casing? I don’t remember anyone claiming colors before. So it has to be – just as in many cases from Apple against Samsung – in the detail. And since design by definition is in the detail, it’s a very tricky thing to prove you’re right (remember the just as famous as ridiculous billion dollar Apple vs Samsung case is far from over yet).

Now to have a detailed look at the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC Windows Phone 8, I made a lot of pictures, close-ups from all sides. And I think you will see many more differences than similarities. So here are 20 shots – all made with the Nokia 808 PureView, of course – of both devices, next to and even on top of each other, for you to compare.

Read more…

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Fantastic shots from China, with the Nokia 808

This morning, I was surprised by an e-mail (marc at pureviewclub.com) from photographer Sven Körber, who brought his Nokia 808 PureView to China – as his only camera. Since he shares many interesting details about how he made these shots, I’d like to quote his e-mail in full:

 I just came back from a business trip to Foshan/China, and the 808 Pureview was the only camera I took with me. I often used the camera at night, setting it to creative mode / 5MP / ISO 800 / -0,7EV / HF focus mode / tungsten white balance.

The pictures linked above were edited in Adobe Lightroom 4.2, with light noise reduction & sharpening, exposure, clarity & saturation enhancements and manual lens corrections. I also cloned out distracting high-frequency detail.

Most of the files hold up quite well in A4 prints at normal viewing distances. In extreme cases (i.e. underexposed areas in ISO 800 files, I encountered a bit of banding that would be visible in larger prints.

Two tricks I used to work with high ISO files: 1) convert to high-contrast B/W, which makes noisy files much more usable. 2) smooth out the luminance noise first in LR, then add back just a bit of noise in LR’s effects panel. This gives the impression of higher acutance than there actually is. It also masks the “plastic look” of high NR settings.

You will find his Chinese shots here. I think his shots are inspiring enough to have a look at his other work as well, which you will find here - I promiss you will see some amazing shots there as well!

I’d like to thank Sven Körber for sharing these shots and I hope he doesn’t mind I used two of his shots to illustrate this post with.

Please follow PureViewClub on Twitter and like it on Facebook so I can keep you posted! :-)

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