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A New Masterpiece by Topolino70

It’s sometimes hard to believe Topolino70 achieves it “just” with a phone – although of course the Nokia 808 PureView is not “just a phone” – but it’s true, Topolino70 manages to achieve results with it most of us can only dream of.

This is his most recent contribution: shot on a misty morning at a lake in Finland. I have no words to describe my admiration for a masterpiece like this. Just choose 1080p and enjoy it with his great choice of music by the French composer Erik Satie.

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Symbian said to be “in maintenance mode” – what does that mean? (Update!)

This evening I was startled by a post over at DailyMobile.net, saying Nokia Developers stated that “Symbian is in maintenance mode”. You can find that post here. It’s about a developer noticing a bug in Nokia Drive, who in a reaction gets: “Symbian is in maintenance mode and no new features will be implement without extremely good reason.”

I´ll quote from Kevin Averett’s text as well: ‘This reads to me that it’s game set and match for Symbian there will be no more updates for and it will just be “Bug Fixes” done by Accenture till the support period expires. This only makes sense since FP2 is just really Symbian Donna renamed. Symbian Donna was the last update that Nokia stated was coming for Symbian and it was always assumed to be the end of the line for Symbian.“‘

But I wonder if it really does make sense?

On May 26 it was AllAboutSymbian that brought the news about Stephen Elop saying that ”software updates to Symbian devices are expected until at least 2016″, and that there is “ a long history still to be paved for Symbian in the future“. So these two things don’t really go together well, since we haven’t even started 2013 yet.

It might be that someone at Nokia Developers didn’t feel like getting into “bug 1030” – but stating “Symbian is in maintenance mode” sounds a bit too official to get rid of someone noticing a bug. Also, it’s hard to imagine that we’ll be seeing nothing but  ”bug fixes” for about four years?

It would also – more or less – explain the fact that Nokia is not (or hardly) promoting it’s latest (and best) Symbian device, being the Nokia 808 PureView. And once more it gives me the impression Nokia has more in store than “just” what has been announced and leaked by now.

So I’m betting on a serious alternative for the Nokia 808 PureView, somewhere next year, possibly even before summer, running on Windows Phone 8. If that’s the case, that would make up for the loss of further serious updates on Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 I guess, although I’m sure many readers would prefer never to have to leave Symbian at all.

Via iChris701 I received this quite important update on this matter… See below, a quote from Developer Nokia Bugs

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Rajasthan Road Trip with Nokia 808 PureView

I´ve written about her pictures and videos before – yet I don’t know Chani Mehrotra personally and I probably would never have if @Chani didn’t use Twitter, nor own a Nokia 808 PureView. But she does, and she shares the results on Flickr with still too few followers.

From the new set on her Flickr Photostream I’ll borrow some pictures to decorate the club. Pics that I find interesting from an artistic and also social point of view. I’m sure you’ll see which ones I mean.

I’d like to thank Chani again for her kind permission to share these at the PureViewClub, and I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did.

Read more…

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DxOMark test results with Nokia 808 PureView

Until recently, I have never heard of DxOMark, but it’s – in their own words – “the trusted industry standard for camera and lens independent image quality measurements and ratings. For years we have established our reputation for the best rigorous hardware testing, industry-grade laboratory tools and database of thousands of camera-lens test results“.

So these people know what they are talking about and recently they published a short test with some test results including the Nokia 808 PureView. In this post you can see how it ranks. I’m a bit surprised they’re only showing the picture quality and leave the place for best video to Samsung’s Galaxy S III, comparing it to the Canon Powershot S100.

I have nothing against Samsung’s products (which might be a surprise to some readers), but I’m just wondering if DxOMark has been testing the Nokia 808 PureView in this respect as well – since I believe it might have won.

I’ve done some testing and comparing myself in June, at a highway in The Netherlands, including the Nokia N8, Sony Xperia S, Samsung Galaxy SIII and Nokia 808 PureView. You might want to read this post about that comparison. I’ll include the video I shot once again. This is the version you can find on YouTube, in the previous link you’ll find the same file on Vimeo as well.

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News: hello again Feature Pack 2 – and Nokia Lumia 920 up for pre-order!

I won’t flatter myself – it’s just a coincidence that after my complaints about no Nokia PureView news at all, suddenly there’s lots of things happening today! :-)

First: Feature Pack 2 is out! Yes, it’s there again, so hurry to Nokia Suite or “dial” *#0000# on your Nokia 808 and hit the menu button to “check for updates”. Did you already install a previous version of FP2, than install the Music Store update Nokia has provided (via Nokia Suite).

Next, Clove UK has announced pre-order pricing of some Lumia 920 and 820 accessories, says WPCentral.com. Also, WPCentral knows the Lumia 920 itself might be on its way to O2 in the UK…

Meanwhile, NegriElectronics is offering the Lumia 920 itself already on pre-order – the yellow version for almost $700. And TheDroidGuy (everybody wants to switch to Lumia it seems ;-) shares that the Lumia 920 is up for pre-order in France for €650. And that’s all about a black version, according to their source: Phonehouse France.

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How to join the PureViewClub

Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised by an e-mail asking me how to join the PureViewClub. That’s not strange, since “club” is not only a social gathering place, but can be reserved for members as well… But it’s not. Let me explain. The “club” is a metaphore – you can join by visiting it and enjoying it already.

You might want to follow @PureViewClub on Twitter as well. There are >1440 1611 2000 2400  4000 people following my regular updates now, and as they say: the more the marrier. I always have a certain “goal” in mind by the way, based on Nokia model numbers – my next goal to celebrate will be 1610 2110 3310 5110 followers :-)

To celebrate my post nr. 500, I put the PureViewclub on Facebook as well – you might want to like the page to get the updates in your own Facebook timeline (for instance if you don’t use Twitter).

Also, if you are really serious about joining, you might want to join the PureViewClub Forum, which you can always find at the top of this page – than you are getting real close becoming a member.

Joining the Forum is free as well, but I would really like to point you to my question on the right side of this page, about making a voluntary contribution to support this site. It’s costing me a lot more than just my time, I hope it’s worth more to you than that as well (thank you!)

And last, if you have a Nokia 808 PureView, or the Nokia Lumia 920, (updated) or the 925, 928 or 1020, and if you share your PureView pictures on Flickr, you might want to join the PureViewClub Group there, just invite yourself when you are ready to do so. That’s on invite only, since I’d like to be in control of what people are sharing there.

If you are new to the PureViewClub or you just got your Nokia 808 PureView, see my post with a round-up with how-to’s and background information, including a link to my previous welcome post with more information how-to navigate this site.

You can see some of my own work on Flickr and on YouTube (and in higher quality on Vimeo). The picture in this post is from Finding Nemo and Friends by the way, it’s the aquarium at the club :-)

The PureViewClub is open 24/7 and posts are on the house! I really hope you enjoy your stay…

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