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About the PureViewClub
PureViewClub is about passion for perfect mobile photography and the possibility to instantly share what you’ve captured. In the PureViewClub, you’ll find news and background information about devices offering PureView technology and Rich Recording. The Nokia 808 PureView is the first, but more devices will follow.

All pictures and movies on this site are either made using PureView technology, or from devices offering PureView. I´d love to include your pictures and movies as well. So when you get your own 808 PureView, please get in touch, or share your own link in our forum.

About the PureViewClub Forum
In the PureViewClub Forum you can ask, find and offer information about the Nokia 808 PureView: its camera, settings, images, sound, accessories, Nokia Belle, apps, themes, games, tips, tricks and firmware updates.

You are kindly invited to register, but always remember this is an international site, so write all your questions or reactions in English. We will tolerate no abusive behavior against other forum members or ourselves. Posts promoting illegal software are not allowed and can be deleted without notice.

About who we are
The PureViewClub was started out of enthusiasm for the Nokia 808 PureView, presented during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2012. Since I first laid eyes on it, the Nokia 808 PureView has had an enormous attraction on me, since I feel it’s a revolutionary development in camera phones.

That´s why I started the PureViewClub with a friend, Peter Buijsman. In English, because we strongly believe people all over the world will be inspired by PureView technology, starting with the Nokia 808 PureView.

We hope you will enjoy your stay and … join the club!
Marc Wielaert & Peter Buijsman, The Netherlands.