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BUILD Conference tomorrow: hoping, but not holding my breath for the next PureView device

As you will probably know, tomorrow is the Microsoft BUILD Developer Conference 2014. I’ll be attending as well, but not in San Francisco I’m afraid :-) In Microsoft’s office in Amsterdam I’ll be watching the live stream, and Nokia has already promised quite a line-up of “treats”.

TreatsNow “treats” is plural, so rumour has it Nokia will announce the Nokia Lumia 630 (here on GSMArena) and the next Lumia 930, which is supposed to be the international version of the Nokia Lumia Icon.

GSMArena has (guessed?) the specs of a 930 already, but now they are not so sure anymore. What do I think? Well, nothing has leaked so far… Guess I’m getting used to the assumption things do not exist yet if @evleaks hasn’t shared anything about them before the announcement – like the Nokia Lumia 630…


On the other hand, it’s not completely unthinkable Nokia may be doing a “one more (!) thing” stunt tomorrow. Would be nice to see the Icon coming to the world outside of Verizon, wouldn’t it? :-)

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4 Responses

  1. Ron

    Also about the 808 41MP nobody knows anything about it before Nokia revealed it. I remembered this picture,
    Maybe it’s the 930? It seems that it can contain larger sensor than the 1520 but smaller than 1020 with no xenon flash.

  2. Waiting for Mix Radio to be available world wide since it isn’t available in Latvia :(
    Hope to see demo of WP 8.1 and soon release date! Would be cool some camera app update with new features like maybe 10s exposure and timelapse option in default camera app!

  3. Sawan Bruins


    My expectation is that the Nokia 930 will be the international version of the Lumia Icon. It will have the same specs, but will come in different colors.So the little brother of the Lumia 1520. Maybe they throw in a micro-SD card slot to have a small change in specs with the Lumia Icon…

  4. Marcel D. Juhnke

    Well, I have a really good PureView device right now, a Lumia 1020, I just want new software for that :)

    What I hope that they will update their apps (which is teased already with the GIF in their headline).

    Especially HERE Drive+ needs live re-routing based on traffic incidents (I’m not meaning the My Commute stuff, that’s of no use when I do a vacation trip to places unknown to me). The Symbian version had this for ages and the HERE team already mentioned it will be coming in a future update. I hope now is the time.

    And I believe all of their updated apps (HERE suite, Mix Radio, camera stuff maybe) will make use of integration with Cortana (http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Build/2014/2-530)