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Time-out (charging the battery)

You’ve noticed I haven’t been able to post for quite a while – apart from a short quiz lately, which might prove to be the start of a new series about Nokia’s uniquely designed phones. But this post is not about that.

This club has become so much more than the fruit of my passion for mobile photography: it has grown into a worldwide and very lively community – and I’m so proud to be your “bartender” at the Club, serving literally thousands of you every day!

But now, after about two years of posting (even during my holidays), I notice I don’t lack passion or inspiration – I simply don’t have enough energy to keep doing all this next to what I’m supposed to do in daily life. Like: a full time job, and being a husband, a father and a son.

I’ve recently written I’ve been very busy with doing all that, and since this blog has become even more personal than I ever thought possible, I just wanted to let you know I simply need some sort of time-out, to “charge the battery” so to say.

Am I closing the club temporarily? No way, of course not – there are still hundreds of posts I believe are still worth your time to read (check the archives! :-). Will I stop posting? No, not that either – but I simply can’t keep posting as often as you might be used to by now. Not for the time being that is.

Isn’t this post somewhat unprofessional? Well, maybe – but the club is in fact costing me more than it’s making me. In two years I’ve discovered that either I’m the worst marketeer on the planet, or it’s really very hard to find commercial partners when you blog in a different language than your own.

The PureViewClub seems to be too international for Dutch companies, and simply too small for international ones. Is that frustrating me? Well – sometimes, to be honest. So if you’re a CEO or Head of Marketing of a company reading this and you feel you can do something about it, you’re more than welcome to.

In case you’re seriously interested: last year there were 445K unique visitors, 964K visits and more than 2.6 million pageviews. That should count for something, right? It might be an interesting opportunity for your company – and it won’t cost you a fortune either :-)

Anyway: the PureViewClub will stay open 24/7 and all posts are on the house as always. I will be posting on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc (see the links below). I’ll keep sharing great PureView shots by others, hopefully a few of my own as well. And I’ll try to post new content here as often as I can. But I simply need more time than ever to do so. I hope you’ll understand!

Meanwhile, feel free to make a donation if you’ve been appreciating what I’ve been doing here for the past two years – you’ll find a dedicated button at the right hand side of this page. Thank you very much in advance, you’ll even be mentioned here :-)

Bhudda small

PS: this is a crop from a Lumia 1020 picture from a poster of a painting I saw in a friend’s house. The lights were low, I didn’t use any flash, of course. Yes, I really am passionate about PureView technology, that’s not going to change either :-)

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14 Responses

  1. mike

    Marc, you already post too often in the pureviewclub, many times I can’t even catch you all this time! You really do a GREAT work here and I don’t think that many of the club’s supporters see this site only as a dutch site, but as an unique international site for everyone who loves photography and nokia as well! Everyone needs some rest, including you. As for the pureviewclub, maybe some member could also help with posting, too (it is just an idea). Of course they should have some appropriate knowledge (photographers, authors from mobile community etc), and each post should get an approval from you first before going in public. I don’t know if this can be done, but it is an idea to help the pureviewclub. Most of things I’ve learned about mobile photography (and photography in general) through the internet, were from pureviewclub, so I think it really worths it!

    So take care of yourself and we will be here for you for any help for the site! :)

  2. Dear Marc – Hallo Marc!
    I totally understand, what you are writing about…
    as I am running a (food)blog on my own, moreover that a relationship, a business and a social (not virtual) life, it is hard to find time for ‘feeding’ a blog/website according to your self-determined (high) standards. And there comes a point and time in life, where you have to weigh out where to invest you time. As time is limited to all of us and we have to handle it sensibly.

    To take a time out is the absolut right thing to do – don’t you worry about a thing. Even if your fingers are ‘itching’ and your mind is busy about writing the next posting – to take a timeout is the ONLY and ABSOLUTELY RIGHT way.

    Enjoy it – enjoy your social life.

    We will keep faithful to the club anyhow. ;-)

    Best wishes from Vienna!


    • Marc @PureViewClub

      Danke schön Wolfgang… There’s one other solution: get 36 hours in a day. I’m still negociating that option with someone, but somehow it seems to be hard to arrange :-)

  3. BerryTh

    Hi Marc,

    I’ve recently bought me a house. It took a lot of energy with my work and remoddeling/rebuilding it all. That much time that i didn’t have time to even use my 808 for pictures and all. Now i am slowly getting back to my levels from before januari.
    Just keep calm. It will work out OK.


  4. Navvarr

    We all need a break now and then- I always check out the Pureview club whenever I get an opportunity- its always a friendly site with enthusiastic and knowledgeable contributors.

    Enjoy your break Marc.

  5. Mimi

    Hi Marc,

    I’ve wondered for a while now how you manage to post so many articles (Yes, that’s my opinion – you post many articles), and I don’t even find the time to comment them all!
    You’re really doing an outstanding job here, Marc, especially considering that there are other areas in your life that also need and deserve a portion of you. I think it’s a good thing you noticed your low energy level – you can now take appropriate action before deciding anything drastic. Pls take care of yourself, recharch your batteries, take it easy!

    • Hi Marc
      Hi Mini, I completely agree with your words. It’s amazing what Marc has achieved with the PVC. Now he should take care, recharch his battery. And we will not leave the club.

      • Marc @PureViewClub

        Thank you too Mimi and Peter. I will take care of myself (started to do so with this post) but hope to post some interesting shots somewhere soon nevertheless :-)

  6. Chani

    Marc, please take your time with every post you do. The last thing we’d want is for you to ‘burn out’ or get fed up and stop cold turkey. I think I speak for all members that the work you do has driven us to be better in our attempts at PureView photography, and we appreciate the truckloads of dedication, enthusiasm, observation and time that you have put into this baby of yours. We also respect your need to take a breather, anything that makes our favourite bartender healthier and happier is good for us :)

    • Javier

      I just can tell you the same of Chani.
      I hace been reading your post since you start, even if I didn’t know anything about you or what was this about (you know, I’m curious, and a passionate in photography since last year ;))
      I read some of your post many many times before buying the 808, and I remember this one as one of my favourites (I don’t really know why, but it is for me) http://pureviewclub.com/2013/13699
      I shared it many many times.

      I have to tell you that some of your post made me think about if I could or not start in the photography with a mobile.
      And personally I have to thank you all attention you put in me and how you take your time writing about me and my pictures. You have been the first one and have been a very close (sorry I don’t know how to say properly but hope you can understand it^^)person with me.
      Thanks for all and I think you can/must take as much time as you need to continue writing with passion.
      This pureviewclub is awesome and the work you have been doing here doble it.

      I only can tell you that I love it and that I wwould love you back with all battery charged ;)

      Hope you are going to be perfectly well Marc! Have a nice peaceful time! ;)

      I’ll be here reading you and continue your marvellous work when you can and when you will be capable to do so :)

      • Marc @PureViewClub

        Wow Javier, I had NO idea it was the PureViewClub that inspired you to become a “mobile photographer”… That really moves me.

        In case the readers here don’t understand who Javier is – it’s the extremely talented photographer and teacher I wrote about in this post http://pureviewclub.com/2014/20371 and who shared a short course in photography at the club here http://pureviewclub.com/2014/20992

        And if you’re on Twitter and like PureView photography, you should follow him here https://twitter.com/javierjagg

        Thank you Javier, your reaction has been a great start of my week.

        • Javier

          =)you are welcome Marc!
          And yes, you and your posts made me buy my 808 a year ago and made me begin into this world of photography :)
          As I tell you in the comment above, I read and followed all your work before knowing about you and all I read here pushed me to take pictures.
          I really think I have more to thank you than you could suppose and more than you could have to thank to me for those words.
          You deserve all of them!
          Thanks again for your non-stopped and awesome work Marc and have a nice week, month and year (hope not only the first part of the week jejeje ;D).

          A huge hug from Erandio! :)

    • Massis

      Chani said it all. The Pureviewclub is unique as we share the same passion and admiration for the top quality devices designed by Nokia of course, but also the warmth of a community gathering Nokia imaging team and simple photographers or phone users, as we all are. That proximity is mainly possible thanks to the Pureviewclub, and the Pureviewclub is possible thanks to Marc.

      So take no pressure, and thank your for your hard work. And you’re so right about life priorities.

      We may discover 2014 won’t bring ground-breaking new imaging technologies ; even so, we won’t stop admiring the endless possibilities already offered by what we have in hands.

      What I mean is: thanks to Marc’s work, Pureview is not only a brand or synonym of the most amazing cameraphones; Pureview is also a community.

      • Marc @PureViewClub

        Thank you Chani and Massis… It’s not like I’m suffering a burn-out – Not yet at least, just trying to avoid one (been there, done that years ago :-)

        And I’m still planning some posts by the way. I just need to take the pressure off. Thank you so much for understanding and for your kind reaction.