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How to shoot a time-lapse video with your Lumia

Just a short post about a remarkable “how to” on Nokia Conversations – the first part of how to shoot a time-lapse video, as explained by their MVC (Most Valued Connector) of November, Olivier Noirhomme from Belgium, aka @MusicAddict1 on Twitter and one of the Most Valued PureViewClub members I might add :-)

I featured his work regularly here, and in fact I guess I should have asked him to explain how he makes those wonderful time-lapses. But I didn’t so I’m happy Nokia Conversations did. You’ll read the requirements for getting started – to begin with a concept, the way to secure your smartphone, of course a power adapter, and: the right app!

Now there’s way much more to read in how he describes his workflow, do’s and don’ts, but openly suggesting “the right app” was a bit of a surprise to me. I’ve been wondering what kept Nokia away from adding “interval” to the menu of Nokia Camera, and it looks like we’re going to have to wait for a bit longer, since they are suggesting Timelapse Pro and CameraPro.

I have nothing against dedicated third party apps, but it’s kind of suprising the possibilities of Nokia Camera – however versatile – don’t offer what we (the “old school” of PureView) were used to be able to control on the Nokia 808 PureView. Like: there’s still no interval option?

Off-topic: there’s more people are missing. In my poll, 89% of the visitors would like to see controls for sharpness, contrast, brightness and saturation. And one of the PureViewClub Forum members started a thread about what he’s missing in the Lumia 1020, in his Improvement and Wish List where you might like to add something as well.

On-topic again. I really do welcome posts at Nokia Conversations like these – I think it’s fantastic how they’re constantly helping people to get the best out of their Lumia devices (and how the PureViewClub is helping them to find these people, too :-) So once more, here’s the link to Olivier’s “how to”, from whom I will embed another time-lapse video as shared over there  - a time-lapse from @Massis_ I shouldn’t forget to add!

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4 Responses

  1. Very nice to be one of the Most Valued PureViewClub members :-D

    I’m also wondering what prevents Nokia from adding the interval capture to the Lumias. There’s already the bracketing option and the 808 had it. It worked like a charm and it can’t be that difficult to implement. After all, it’s only a series of capture with the chosen settings.

    In the article, I suggested the apps hoping these mentions would not be removed in the final post but, as you said, Nokia Camera can’t do that and the only choice is to use an external app. I’d be happier though to use Nokia Camera for time lapses. I like the fact the 808 is ready for anything out of the box.

    There will be a part 2 of this article about making the video on a computer and then other articles in the coming weeks for more advanced and specific time lapses like my macro ones you kindly featured here.

    I’m sure I speak for everyone if I thank you again for everything you do, all the people you found and share the work of (I nominated you for MVC for all that in fact). Nokia would know a lot less people making wonders with their phones without you !

    • Marc @PureViewClub

      So you’re saying you mentioned the interval capture on the 808 PureView in your original article – and your remarks about it were removed? Tsk tsk… ;-)

      Thank you, for your great shots, time-lapse videos – and your enthusiasm for what I’m trying to do here.

      I’m pretty sure Nokia (Connects) appreciates it as well, and I hope to see even more of the PureView talents I’ve been scouting in the past months on their pages in the future. It’s great to see your and David Detko’s great work there already.

  2. Prathamesh Wadia

    I really miss the interval option so bad.. it’s really handy to take multiple shots of a scene.. I wouldn’t mind a third party app too as long as it gives the full quality of the 1020..