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Blast from the past! The 1996 Nokia HSE-6XN

This is what I call a “blast from the past” – the Nokia HSE-6XN car phone! I had the chance to buy one cheap, and you know me by now: I just love to capture old Nokia stuff like this with one of Nokia’s recent devices – in this case the Nokia Lumia 1020.

But this post is more about the design of this old piece of car equipment than about the Lumia 1020, of course. The previous owner found it in a 1996 Volvo he imported from Germany. I’m not sure if this HSE-6XN was only sold in Germany, but a site called Nokia Museum appears to think so.

Anyway, what you see is what I got – I came without the original box, cables, manuals and I didn’t even bother to get the speaker out of the Volvo. So this isn’t a “Nokia Time Warp“, although I know there’s one coming up pretty soon :-)

HSE-6XN - 1

HSE-6XN - 2 HSE-6XN - 3

HSE-6XN - 4 HSE-6XN - 5 HSE-6XN - 6 HSE-6XN - 6a HSE-6XN - 7 HSE-6XN - 8 HSE-6XN - 9

Well, that’s all folks :-) I hope you enjoyed my shots of this “collector’s item”, let me know if you know if it was sold globally or just in Germany – and if you’ve ever used this device yourself!

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2 Responses

  1. Peter Laursen

    I have one in my sailing boat (Copenhagen, Denmark), so the phone was sold here as well I guess….

  2. Frankie Bloise

    It reminds me of the car-phone an uncle of mine use to have. I remember seen these in Radio Shack in early 90′s. Good ol’ days indeed.