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Short interview with Juha Alakarhu on Engadget

I should be posting less and surf the web more I guess –  over at MyNokiaBlog they noticed Juha Alakarhu being interviewed by Engadget during this year’s CES in Las Vegas.

He talks about the origin of PureView, the transition from Symbian to Windows Phone, his love for the team, the power of beer, going from Nokia to Microsoft, the importance of social imaging – and he shows a few camera sensors.

In all, I don’t think you’ll hear anything new and it’s not the most in-depth interview I’ve seen in the past 4 decades, but since he’s one of the “fathers” of the PureViewClub – and I always like to see Juha talk – I’m happy to share the video here as well.

On YouTube

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5 Responses

  1. firoz

    I am always excited when i ses juha talk. I Just love his way of doing things

  2. Cod3rror

    That guy is awesome!

    I wonder what do they have for the 2014 camera flagship.

    And while 808 vs 1020 can be argued a lot, I want them to come out with something that will beat the 808 convincingly.

    • bigs

      during the interview Juha convincing spoke of the 808 producing images that were better than a DSLR. I have found this to be so. It just shows that the 808 was indeed something special, and even treating the 808 as a camera alone, ie not a smartphone, it still rivals many larger classed cameras that have a much larger footprint.

  3. I like how passionate he is about future products while saying nothing about them :) (he obviously couldn’t)

  4. It’s indeed always nice to see Juha ! He seems very happy and passionate, even more than previous interviews. It’s really great he’s happy for the future with Microsoft.