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A selection of shots with the Nokia Lumia 920

I’m sharing so many shots from others lately, you might think I’m hardly using any camera at all. So I decided to share a few of the shots I captured myself, using the Nokia Lumia 920 – always nice for a change :-)

It’s a widely varied selection of dozens of shots I made during the past weeks and I will present them in a more or less random order. And as usual, you will find all originals on Flickr.

First, a detail from a colorful carpet.

As seen during Christmas shopping…

Detail from a bridge looks like a strange metal face.

A car I’d like to drive once: a Fisker Karma 2012, charging.

A strange detail in an elevator. I have to admit this shot was inspired by photographer Baron Chat, whose pictures inspired me to try not to make beautiful things look good, but special things look great… I’m sure I didn’t really succeed, but it reminds me I should just keep trying.

My big red friend relaxing

Once more an almost incredible shot in night mode. In cases like these, the Lumia 920 really works his magic

Panoramic shots are hard to share in 640 pixels width – the original has 11274 x 1804 (or “20MP”, like Apple claimed introducing the iPhone 5 :-). So be sure to check this original on Flickr as well.

Let me repeat myself once more that you’ll find all originals on Flickr. And yes, you’ll find some noise in a few shots, true.

I’m still waiting for Nokia and Microsoft to answer to my prayers to please bring the PR 1.1 update to Europe as fast as possible –  as in next week or so. On a side note: I think it’s a shame that three of the launching countries have to wait for it for this long…!

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11 Responses

  1. Stella

    Hi Marc,
    I like your artistic shot, the ‘ Baron’ imitation, it looks very arty ;-)

    BR Stella

    • Marc @PureViewClub

      Haha, thank you! Baron has a fine eye, noticed two papers in the tube (the ones I never noticed in the first place :-). A week later I checked if those were secret messages, or maybe love notes… Appeared to be train tickets. Life can be so boring sometimes :-)

      • but you never know the story behind the train tickets & why they were shoved in that railing! it could be as interesting as you can make it out to be!

  2. mohican

    I prefer the shoots with 808 :)
    920 is not good enough yet :(

    • Marc @PureViewClub

      See my recent comparison. Looks like it will be impossible for years to beat the Nokia 808 PureView. Like the N8 was champion until the 808 came along.

  3. Chani

    Lovely snaps! My favourites are the cat and the night shots :)

  4. Frankie

    Awesome photos!