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Nokia 808 PureView in Indonesian rain

When it rains, it poors – a sad saying that certainly goes for some shots that Eko Susanto just shared on Twitter. I don’t have the originals, I just copied them from Mobypicture (hope you don’t mind Eko).

And although I truly hate it when it rains, these shot made me smile, like the guy on the bike :-) You’ll find some stunning Nokia 808 shots from Eko on his Flickr page, don’t forget to check those out either! In fact, I found the first one there, posted it before, putting it up here as a prelude…

These are the two he shared today on Twitter…

And this are two more shots I borrowed from his Flickr Nokia 808 set. First one of what the rain leaves in this country, and to conclude a sign of hope :-)

I do retweet great shots a lot, so be sure to follow me on Twitter as well @pureviewclub.

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5 Responses

  1. Chani

    Nothing like capturing nature and people in their element :)

  2. torcida

    Hi, nice pics!

    Look here for new pics from new year’s eve with the 808:


  3. rhishi

    all these pics r so beautiful. Second last one is my fav. That goes for my wallpaper

    • Marc @PureViewClub

      It will get even better after I received the originals from Eko. I’m sure quite he’ll publish them on his Flickr page too.