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A touching time-lapse video from Belgium

This is just a very short post to share an amazing time-lapse video from Olivier Noirhomme from Belgium. In fact, it’s a compilation of a few time-lapse videos he shot with his Nokia 808 PureView, and he added some very powerful music to it as well.

It will take less than six minutes of your time, and I think they’re all worth it. I suggest you put your headset on if you have one, choose fullscreen and FullHD of course – and experience a short time travel in a city and a forrest. Enjoy! :-)

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3 Responses

  1. bigs

    Simply brilliant! Very well assembled. I especially like the time lapse where it looks like the is 808 panning while capturing the time lapse.


  2. Techgeek

    Fantastic work! And you picked the perfect music for it… I totally agree with Marc in his article… Keep up the great work… Both of you


  3. Thank you so much AGAIN, Marc ! Like you did with Harcz and others, nothing is forcing you to share our work and yet you happily do it every time you can. I’m honored my work is worth being featured here :)