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Román Emin flies his Nokia Lumia 1020 all around the globe

Sometimes I just stumble upon a collection of shots worth sharing… This time it’s the photography of Román Emin, who desribes himself as EyeEm Ambassador. Photographer, traveler and enjoying this world “Through my Lens”.

Originally from Venezuela, Román now lives in Dubai and – I guess most of the time – in the big airliner he flies as a pilot. That’s why he’s able to travel around the world with his cameras, and – most interesting for us – he brought the Nokia Lumia 1020 on quite a few of those lately.

From his Flickr photostream, I downloaded a few of his shots. Hover with your mouse over the shots to see where they were made, click on the shots to go to the originals there, which might be especially useful with his fantastic panoramas (using Photomerge in Photoshop).

Playing in the park (Chicago)

Dubai Festival City Mall

McLaren Sport Car (Stockholm)

Hong Kong at night

Prague through my lens


Stockholm Panorama

Stockholm at night

Don’t forget to check out the rest of his photostream on Flickr! And you can follow Román Emin on Twitter, Google+.

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7 Responses

  1. bigs

    nice holiday snaps!

    Interesting though I think the 1020 suffers from right side softness.


    The reason we may not be seeing it in other images is possibly the shot is possibly cropped in as I noticed alot of shots do not have corner softness. The one obviously did not have cropping done to the right hand side of the image. Imagine if this is visible at 3mp, one can imagine how much worst it must be at 5mp and even worst at 38mp.

    • Marc @PureViewClub

      Hmmmm, I think we’ve been through this a few times, haven’t we? :-) That’s not going to make it disappear in itself of course. I wasn’t aware of any issues in the shots I selected anyway. But I wasn’t looking for it, either.

    • Hi,

      Actually the picture you are taking as example was taken with the Galaxy Camera in Johnsburg, in the Meat Company. I used the Rich Tone mode, so no exif data was recorded. Also it explains why is not so

      Here is the the link if you want to take a look.


      • Marc @PureViewClub

        I can’t help smiling a bit :-)

        • bigs

          ahh that explains why the other pics do not have the side softness. Did you ever drop the galaxy camera? I know this kind of effect can occur if the lens comes out of alignment which can happen if the unit is dropped or damaged in some way.

          Lucky for the galaxy camera it has a variable aperture which means one can stop down and hopefully be able to sharpen up the corners and sides benefiting wider angle shots.

  2. Who needs more proof to become convinced of the image quality of the 1020?
    I’m jealous of Román Emin that he can travel all over the world with his Lumia. And he takes interesting and good pictures.

  3. BOOM!

    Amazing! Stunning pictures!