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PocketNow: Nokia 808 PureView vs Lumia 1020

I just was pointed to a video PocketNow published yesterday in which their editor Michael Fisher (on Twitter as well) gives an interesting comparison between the Nokia 808 PureView and the Nokia Lumia 1020. Some time ago, he published an extensive review of the Lumia 1020 you might want to read as well.

I’m not saying I agree with everything he writes, but I found it all in all good enough to bring it under your attention. Wish I had the time to realize a video like this, but I don’t – so I’ll share his one here. Enjoy! :-)

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24 Responses

  1. The cat is out of the bag!

    The emperor has no clothes!

    PureView Pro vs. NoiseView!

    Nokia Imaging Division has lost the original vision of providing LESS NOISY images through supersampling superpixels. This is what Nokia Imaging has come to without proper supervision. Damian Dinning, we want you back @ Nokia Imaging!!!

    • Marc @PureViewClub

      Are you sure you aren’t overreacting a bit? SuperMAG just concluded (below) the Lumia 1020 shots are even much better than those of the 808…

      • bigs

        No he is not, but see my reply to supermags links to comparisons.

        I now see there is a purpose for both the 1020 and the 808.

        For Steelicon, and me, we like to have ultimate resolution, and detail, and the 808 provides this, with better colors, and a very flat image, which the user can add extras later. That being said capturing the image will be far more challenging with the 808, so really it is for the “Semi Pro user”. I know people with 808 that get terrible camrea shake results that are out of focus and suffer from major camera shake, all thanks to the slower shutter speeds the 808 chooses to get the most quality it can get, plus with larger sensor, focus has to be precise and narrow.

        For others, the 1020 will get the better out of camera result, and as I said, success rate is higher. And I think most people would prefer a over sharp shot in focus, than one that is completely useless, due to operator error.

        There is a place for both phone cameras!

        • Marc @PureViewClub

          Well, that’s a far more subtle explanation than the emperor with no clothes, I’d say…

    • I have to agree with you that Nokia Imaging Division has lost their orginal goal. The first time I heard about PureView, that’s to eliminate as much noise visible as best. So there is SuperPixel for us to play. But now, more noise and less detail huh? WTF?????
      So in the comment I did before, I said that Nokia please, don’t sell your “PureView” title that cheap :v

      • In conclusion, I expect more than what 1020 bring here now!
        So sad.

        • Marc @PureViewClub

          Well, in your case there is still the choice to enjoy the 808 PureView, right? No-one is telling you to switch devices I think.

          If you think this way, the 1020 still is a great “second best” I guess – far better than anything the competition has to offer at the moment – see all reviews that are available right now.

          I don’t think Nokia is selling the PureView title “cheap” – I truly think it is a worthy successor of the 808, that has improved a lot in the course of a few updates as well, as we have seen with the Lumia 920. I am sure the quality of the 1020 will become a lot better than I’m able to show you at the moment.

  2. SuperMAG

    ok, have to say, after downloading like 20 images, check it side by side, in almost all the images, 1020 pictures totally rock, totally trumps 808, the sharpness and detail are much better, while in low light, 1020 are very much have way more light.

    I know i know, there are many factors that can be in play, like:

    1- Its in auto settings, both are, may be 808 can do much better in manual, same can be said about 1020.

    2- Its only 5mp images, not full 34mp.

    3- 808 in this comparison looks defective or something wrong, may be the camera’s glass is not clean, for some reason the images are blury and unclean or not sharp.

    • Marc @PureViewClub

      Interesting, I must say – and thank you for all the links. I have to agree with you there must be something wrong with some of the shots of the 808. Dirty glass could be a reason.

  3. SuperMAG

    perhaps you might be right about his 808. Check these out:


    Some low light comparassions:









    Some outdoor good light pictures:






    • bigs

      some very nice result!!! thankyou supermag for showing direct links to comparisons. I think for most the 1020, will indeed bet the better camera. There is no doubt OIS beats having no OIS in low light, as can be seen from the Enterprize model pics. The Nokia 808 has a very unprocessed realistic look, but that is only useful for someone that knows how to apply USM, saturation and contrast to ones taste. The 1020 with OIS is definitely easier to use and has done all the hard process work for you, the image is ready to use straight out of the camera.

      The 808 is really for real fussy users, and skilled users at that. If you are skilled and use your 808 with technical and skill combined with smart user post processing, the image quality from the 808 will undoubtedly be superior in every way when compared against the 1020.

      For the masses, they just want a good photo, and they want quality and flexibility of zoom. The 1020 wins hands down, and will return a brilliant image with a far higher success rate than if they used an 808.


  4. SuperMAG


    The images are out to compare, shame i cant even open the images in that site, it doesnt load for some reason.

    But based on the two crops they posted, 1020 looks better tbh, sharper and more detailed. Perhaps even those crops are resized.

    Can you get your hands on those images??
    And lol, their 1020 is better than your 1020.

    • Marc @PureViewClub

      Thanx for this. Loading the large files is not a problem here, but I can’t save them seperately.

      Meanwhile, I’m starting to get a bit worried about my version of the 1020 – maybe it is defective in some respect indeed. And that would ruin just about all my comparisons :-/

      On the other hand, in some shots in this particular comparison, I think the 808 is underachieving – out of focus, most likely. No wonder the 1020 appears to be much sharper if that’s the case.

  5. NokiaBoy

    I think the 1020 needs an update for getting close to the 808′s results, in terms of colors, noise and grain, i won’t buy it untill nokia makes something :)

  6. drfeilij 808 obsessed

    for professional photographers and for the connaiseurs….we prefer the color renditions on da nokia 808..which is closer to the reality. but for amateurs (and for my parents)…when they compare my photos wiz da 808 wiz a regular point and shoot digicam Canon 12MPs….they like the not-so-real vibrant colors of yellow and green of Canon and they think dat Canon is better!
    so there’s da dilemma on Nokia 1020 and its vibrant colors (just to please the mass) vs the 808 (dat remains till now da best for the connaiseurs).
    one more thing that is a killer for me… nooo HDMI output on Lumia neither a simple A/V output! that’s really frustrating! coz i always show my 808 photos using da HDMI cable wherever i go! showing da photos on TV screens of 46″ and 50″ is a great adventure. what’s the point of taking great 41MPs photos if we cant share them on TV? not everybody has flickr to show them the full res photos (thx God i have DLNA TV so i can stream my photos on my TV…but not everyone has DLNA TV)

  7. Junnior Reis

    Marc, thanks to its comparative (one of the few that are fair, serious and independent) and some others, increasingly I am sure that there is no reason to replace my 808 for a 1020, because in all the examples shown, the first true pureview does better !

    Honestly the only substantial advantage of the fact that I see the 1020 on the 808 is a digital camcorder that with the integration of OIS actually offers better results… At most, I am sure that I have at hand the best camera of the mobile world !

    • bigs

      yup we still indeed have the most powerful mobile phone camera in the world until something new really rivals the 808. For instance the Sony honami….

  8. Adam Lamar

    Surprised Fisher was unaware that the 808 can easily be bought in the USA on Amazon.com, with full warranty support and unlocked to use with any GSM carrier; mine works well on T-Mobile.

    Overall I agree with him. I think the criticisms are all valid regarding color and noise on the 1020 but at the end of the day, IMO it all adds up not to a black and white difference between them, but a grayish difference; and a very light gray at that. I am very happy with the results I am getting out of the Lumia, and it has effectively replaced my 808, which I have since brain-wiped and put up on eBay.

    • Marc @PureViewClub

      Actually, I was more surprised to see he only compares the 5MP results of both… But I’m kinda glad at the same time he left the full resolution results for us to compare at the PureViewClub :-)

      Think I’d never sell my 808 though, and not just for sentimental reasons.

      • Adam Lamar

        Tempted to keep mine, but I overextended a tad to pick up my 1020 unlocked so alas a sacrifice has to be made. I’ll get it back later on Amazon or eBay..

    • bigs

      hows the edge sharpness of your 1020?