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Topolino70′s first shots with Nokia Lumia 1020

Well, as long as I don’t have a Nokia Lumia 1020, I’ll have to settle for the results from those who have. A few days ago, Topolino70  from Finland – who has made some incredible video’s with the Nokia 808 PureView (please see these posts if you have never heard of the guy!) – wrote me he published some of his first shots with the Nokia Lumia 1020 on Flickr.

To me it’s tempting to share them all, but I won’t: here’s a selection from the 640 pixel wide shots. You can find all originals in the link provided above.

Nokia Lumia 1020 - Topolino70 - Close-up (quick sample)Nokia Lumia 1020 - Topolino70 - Girl at the lake 2 640 x 360

Nokia Lumia 1020 - Topolino70 - Rock & Lake

Nokia Lumia 1020 - Topolino70 - Rye again

Nokia Lumia 1020 - Topolino70 - Spider´s nes

Nokia Lumia 1020 - Topolino70 - Sunrise at Viesannemi

However, I took the liberty to download and crop two of the 5MP originals. As far as I have seen Topolino70 didn’t share any of the 34MP originals (yet), which make me look forward to what the full-res original crops look like. Both crops are not completely sharp, but it’s likely the objects moved a bit making the shot.

Nokia Lumia 1020 - Topolino70 - Rye again original crop 640 x 480

Nokia Lumia 1020 - Topolino70 - Girl at the lake 2 crop 640 x 360

Colors are all really gorgeous I must say, but the shots are just a bit more grainy than I would have expected them to be in their 5MP oversampled result. Wonder what you think of these examples?

Like I said, I’m looking forward to some full resolution shots  - to zoom in on the shots wherever I’d like to, and of course to compare them with the first 41MP device. Like I wrote, there are more early shots over at a dedicated set on Flickr, so you can download and crop till you drop :-)

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26 Responses

  1. I think the images are gorgeous. If there’s more noise in the shots than from the 808, it’s probably because of the slightly smaller sensor. But if someone has to pixel peep at a close crop to notice it, I’d say it isn’t a problem. Besides, pixel peeping is only useful in the context of these reviews, to make an objective point. Some noise or grain hardly impacts actual photography and how it’s judged.

    And come on, guys, I own the 808 myself and there’s no need to be so defensive about its standing. Doing so doesn’t prove the 808 still has a superior camera module; only that some 808 users are really insecure.

    As always, props to Marc for having the best camera phone posts on the web. ;-)

  2. Good news for the happy owners of the 1020; an update of the Nokia Pro Cam app. Now featuring bracketing and with a maximum spread of +/- 5 EV it surpasses almost every DSLR’s on the market!
    Source: http://blog.gsmarena.com/nokia-pro-cam-for-lumia-1020-updated-brings-exposure-bracketing/

  3. djmuzi

    Too much vibrance too much sharpness … hope they fix this ot let the user select options for this…

  4. Junnior_Reis

    Despite the undeniable beauty of the images, they are all equipped with an excessive and unpleasant noise and overly saturated colors !

    With each passing day, I am absolutely sure that in 1020, is an evolution of the 920 and not an evolution of the 808 Pureview !

    P.S: 808 Pureview undoubtedly continue to be the king of cameraphones !

  5. bigs

    I downloaded the portrait shot captured in 5mp pureview mode, and indeed it seems grainy, and this is taken at base ISO 100! It is clear either the interpolation algorithm is not working as good as the 808, or the 1020 sensor is not performing all that well. In addition, there seems to be a lack of color skin tones on the girls face, giving me the impression, that the 8bit readout from the sensor is not as god as the 808.

    Also the landscape shot with the boulders, the foliage in the background has a tendency to look a little mushy, something you would only see in a full res 808 image with pixel peeping. Usually with the pureview modes, the ability to maintain superb crispness without applying sharpening algorithms was advantage of pureview on he 808. It seems using the pureview mode advantage on the 1020 is not so evident compared to using it on the 808 apart from a smaller file size.

    I guess for me, if I had a 1020, I would prob just use it full resolution all the time, as it seems most logical to get optimal benefits.

    • I agree with what you said:

      “I guess for me, if I had a 1020, I would prob just use it full resolution all the time, as it seems most logical to get optimal benefits.”

      For me only the full res picture will determine wether the 1020 IQ is acceptable (or better?) than my 808′s IQ
      I am “collecting” those full res shots from the internet but
      real high ISO’s are still a little bit scarce.

    • djmuzi

      this grain reminds me of the 920 and 925 (but there it looks really ugly) … not really 808 PureView class – the 808 is still a class of it’s own. :) IMHO

  6. torcida

    Looking quite good, but too much noise, partially oversharpened and oversaturated – i hope there would be an option to reduce that.
    And unfortunately no ISO 50 mode.

    • bigs

      not too sure about over saturated, but as an 808 user, we tend to prefer a more natural color profile which we can add saturation and sharpness afterwards.

  7. Juha Alakarhu already had said that they would leave the Lumia 1020 photos less post-processed. The fact that it looks a bit grainy, usually is not a bad thing since when you see the photo as you should, as a whole and not a small part at 100% zoom, it will have more detail and look sharper. An aggressive noise reduction, like the one applied on the first firmware release of the Lumia 920, tend to make the photos look blurry and without details, even if the low light shots would look clean of noise.

    I think that some play with the settings, like forcing a lower ISO, might result in less grainy photos. The people that will buy the 1020, might have to invest a bit more on learn how ISO, shutter speed, aperture, EV and other settings work to get the best results of the camera, just like many people already do with the Nokia 808 or even lower specs cameras. For example, I was able to take great night shots with my Nokia C7.

    • Junnior_Reis

      Not invent arguments, all images were captured pureview mode and using the lowest possible ISO sensitivity (100) !

      Still the same are full of noise !

      808 “True Pureview” only shows noise mode pureview in ISO sensitivity (800 onwards) !

  8. Peter

    Grainy or not, the pictures look gorgeous. Love the brightness and vivid colors on the 1020. Beautiful!

  9. nafis

    for user like me (though i’m an owner of a lumia 1020)quality of the photos are ok.. but i think it would be great if they correct the grainness of the images with an update .. :)

  10. Good that you share Topolino’s 1020 pictures.
    Also dpreview is up since yesterday with real world samples http://connect.dpreview.com/post/8135699821/sample-gallery-nokia-lumia-1020#embeddedSampleGallery1612474854?news
    Many (but not all) in 5MP and full res.
    I have seen already a lot 1020 full res and 5 MP pictures of different sources. And also in comparison with 808.
    Yes the 1020 pictures seem to be more grainy and (unfortunately) with many (very small) artefacts. We are pixel peeping on the screen but it could well be that even big prints don’t show those artefacts. That has to be examined.
    Up till now I think (tentative) that the 808 is better at low ISO’s but the 1020 is better at high ISO’s. The turning point is somewhere at 200 or 400 ISO.

    • Junnior_Reis

      Not invent arguments, all images were captured pureview mode and using the lowest possible ISO sensitivity (100) !

      Still the same are full of noise !

      Understand once and for all, not always a newer product is synonymous with evolution, superiority !

      Never, never, never, 808 “True Pureview” presents noise in images shot at ISO 100 mode pureview (regardless of lighting condition !

      So stop with this story to say that 1020 is better than the 808 because it is not !

      • Marc @PureViewClub

        Relax my friend. I don’t think anyone is saying it is better in all circumstances. We’ll have to wait for more results, for some more fullres shots in direct comparison to the Nokia 808 PureView, preferably in different light situations. Maybe we even have to wait for a software update (the Lumia 920 got a lot better after a few), and than, the Nokia 808 PureView might still give you the best shots coming from a smartphone. We’ll just have to wait and see. As long as I can’t use a Nokia Lumia 1020 myself, there is not much I can say about it, really. We´re just starting to discover what this Lumia 1020 is capable of.

      • bigs

        I think we just have to carry two phones lol, 1020 for night shots, and 808 for day shots. But if you just want to carry a 1020, you can post process 1020 images to look like an 808 image by applying some gaussian blur followed by some un sharp mask. It still will not be naturally sharp like the 808, but the results will pretty close.

  11. Stefan Steib

    we should not forget the chip is smaller than the old N808´s.
    This grainy impression seemed to be the case also on the samples DPReview has posted. Hard to say until someone compares directly 1020 and N808.


    • civichief

      aas respectively aawp made a first comparison 808 against 1020(909).

  12. NokiaBoy

    The pictures look a little bit grainy, I don’t know if he used high ISO, that’s commond over 400 ISO or the max zoom :)