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Nokia 808 PureView with 12MP/9MP resolution?

I love stuff like this – but it’s confusing as well. I just received four very interesting screenshots from the Nokia 808 PureView, updated to version 113.010.1508 – the same number that was available earlier but Nokia decided to withdraw (you get used to it after a while). I have the same firmware on my Nokia 808 PureView, but it doesn’t offer what you will see in these screenshots.

First a clear disclaimer: I’m not into flashing my device (unless I get help and I’m absolutely sure I can’t be bricked – I’m not that brave and I’m not promoting it). So just to make absolutely sure: everything you try after this post is at your own risk. There is no way back and I wouldn’t even go there.

Now the owner (@sawanbruins, who is a lot braver than I am) has flashed his Nokia 808 PureView with custom firmware (Awakening 8). But that doesn’t mention anything about 12MP / 9MP in Creative Mode. Moreover, it’s supposed to be impossible to tweak the camera software. So that’s why it’s so confusing…

Here are the screenshots that puzzled us – is it part of an upcoming official Nokia update offering the 9/12MP option in Creative Mode, or part of a tweak we never heard about before? I’m dead sure these shots aren’t shopped.

And to conclude, below, you’ll find a shot made just now with the Nokia 808 PureView in Creative Mode and 12MP. You’ll find the original (4000 x 3000) here.

 If you have any more information about this surprising phenomena, don’t hesitate to share! :-)

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42 Responses

  1. Theok

    Could someone please help me with the modding? I installed a custom firmware which already has RomPatcher+ on it, but I can’t seem to find any information about installing text files. All help very appreaciated. Cheers

  2. Theok

    I took some photos with both Camera Pro and the original app, included are also the original files.

    This is a comparison image with some close ups, on the left is the original and on the right is CameraPro with 100% jpeg settings. check out the wings of the small fly for example which come out much cleaner with Camera pro, or the cracks on the wall.


    and here are the original and Camera pro jpeg files:

    http://www.mediafire.com/view/?njq66moqzqiqu72 – Original
    - Camera Pro
    http://www.mediafire.com/view/?ud7wom91adp10re – Camera Pro


    Below is another comparison in a different setting. In this comparison both Camera Pro and the official app seem to be identical – so in the first comparison the camera might have moved a bit? I can’t really tell any difference between the two (both resized to 10Mb):

    http://www.mediafire.com/view/?6y7oyjukp4edvpt – Campro B

    http://www.mediafire.com/view/?6h7rr279vumsi6b – Original B

  3. obarriel

    Hi Ryo2. Thank you for the mod!

    In the txt it says CompressionQuality=85. If we change that to 95 or 100 we will get let compressed (and larger) photos? Can we change that in all the strings?

  4. johnny

    How does each of these new resolutions affect zooming?
    It seems you can zoom in further now on higher resolutions, which makes the over sampling not used.
    Can zoom settings be modified to restrict based on resolution?

  5. Mr. Bong

    Hi, i also got problem with this. Already paste the patch to the private/1020be9 then reboot my 808Pv and opened Camera, nothing changed on Creative Mode select pixels. Thia one used the official fp2, then i flash it to Mohican V1.1.3 still the same. helps pliz..:(

  6. bigs

    Although the additon of 12mp true pureview mode is a better resolution than the current max res 8mp, there must be some compromises to the pixel binning technique, ie higher noise 12mp images vs lower noise 8mp images. This will definitely be the case as we noticed cleaner lower noise images in pureview 5mp vs 8mp in low light.

    Personally, I would like to see not only 12mp setting for pureview, but also the traditional 8mp pureview we are all uses to.

    Also it would be nice if there was a de noise feature in the built in editor, for those who require a quick clean of a low light high iso image if needed before sharing.

    One feature I think needs to be added is shutter speed. As when you hit the exposure compensation button, one gets a histogram, when I hit the Iso change button, why can’t we have shutter speed, so we can gaugue the best iso depending on the type of scene we went to take manually.

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  10. ginpb

    It’s possible to increase the videocamera framerate?

  11. Theo

    12 MP is a supported resolution for the Nokia 808 but apparently not appearing in the official version.
    If you install http://store.ovi.com/content/101266 “Camera Pro” it has the following resolutions available:

    41.8 MP
    38.39 MP
    33.64 MP
    12 MP
    8.99 MP
    8.29 MP
    7.99 MP
    5.97 MP
    5.3 MP
    5.03 MP
    3.77 MP
    3.14 MP
    2.35 MP
    2.07 MP
    1.92 MP
    1.22 MP
    0.78 MP
    0.3 MP

    Apart from the different resolution settings, it also has a more focused image greatly reducing the blur that is visible in the pictures taken with the official app, also the edges of objects come out cleaner giving a cleaner image. It also allows you to select the image compression quality from 0 to 100 percent, 100 being something like RAW so you end up with 30+ MB files.

    You can also download SCam from the app store for free: http://store.ovi.com/content/249918?clickSource=search&pos=1

    SCam also supports more resolutions but has problems saving the images in 100% quality. You can only save at 80% when using full resolution for example, while CameraPro saves at 100%.

    If you would like to see some photos taken with Camera Pro check out my 500px page:


    • Marc @PureViewClub

      Thanks, I know about Camera Pro, I was just surprised to see screenshots within Nokia’s own camera application, and the fact that as far as I know it’s not possible to tweak the camera software…

      • theo

        No problem, I got my 808 recently and didn’t know how popular Camera Pro was so I thought i’d post it here. The mod looks really cool by the way.

    • jake20

      Hi, for the 808, I would stick with the default Camera App, not CameraPro… Camera Pro still has exposure bugs on 808.

      You claim that CameraPro produces cleaner less blurry images?
      I have never seen this when using the Camera Pro app. Camera Pro just piggybacks on the same firmware, and only opens up some additional compression/picture settings on the 808. It does not produce less blurry images.
      And lowering the compression really only produces larger files, not better photos.

      Please provide some examples of what you are seeing in your comparison which clearly shows that Camera Pro produces better images.


      • World of Elegance

        I did a little “experiment” in this forum thread:

        Here is the post:

        Well, here are sample photos for people to decide…
        Both were captured in Macro mode, focus point is the green book, around the word “WORLD”.
        Both have the same 1/25sec shutter with 320 ISO. Flash not fired for both. Default camera app quality setting is set to Superfine while CameraPro is set at 98% quality.

        I don’t have time yet to do a landscape photo for comparison. Hope this is enough.

        Original photos are in this Mediafire folder:

      • bigs

        theo, the multiple megapixel sizes available in camera pro, although nice does not use the sophisticated pixel binning technology we have all come accustomed to when using “pureview” modes.

  12. ‎12mp mode for Nokia 808!
    camera mod for all resolution (38,34,12,9,8,6,5,4,3,2 Mpx)and video 1080p,720p,480p (blank),360p : http://ulozto.cz/xDDntUT/10282edc-txt

    only for hack phone.
    Download and insert (or replace) to C:private-10202be9 – insert here.
    Restart phone.

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  15. Nick

    Very interesting, hope to hear more about this software:-)

  16. Well of course modifying the resources for the strings themselves can be easily achieved. What would make much more sense is some images coming from the 808 directly, not shopped lateron, with original metatags and EXIF data!

    Once we get that, I’ll go for a genuine. I don’t think this is anything from Nokia, just a user modification done to a custom firmware.

    Prove me wrong please!


  17. Ryo2

    I have 38,34,12,9,8,6,5,4,3,2 Mpx about 2 month . I do this update my self.no joke.

    • jake20

      why don’t you share how its done then, instead of trying to show how cool you are my friend that you did this already :)

      • Ryo2

        ok,I will try it,Be patient.

        • Ryo2



          only for hack phone.
          Download and insert (or replace) to C:private-10202be9 – insert here.
          Restart phone.


          • jake20

            nice!! thanks my friend :)

            • That’s the same old mod we used with the N8-00 to add different modes, resolutions and compression settings for both, video and image capturing :-) Nice to see it work on the 808 too. Did you create it on your behalf?

          • jake2k

            works great.. thanks!
            But my only question is that are you sure its still using the pureview tech to oversample? and not just taking a regular 9mp or 6mp shot now?

            Afterall this is the same mod file that was used on the N8, which did not have pureview tech..


          • Sawan Bruins

            Thanks! I was looking for such a file. Unfortunally it doesn’t work with the custom firmware I have, so I will reflash with normal firmware and try again.

            • Ryo2

              it doesn’t work with your custom firmware ? I tried many times for many CFW (my CFW,IVO777 and many many else) and everytime camera mod working… I tried with official firmware+ hack and working,too…

            • Sawan Bruins

              Ryo2: With this custom firmware the settings in the camera are screwed up when placing this file in the directory. What’s also interesting is that this file isn’t present in het custom firmware I’ve downloaded. Only prob, the firmware isn’t verry stable.

    • NobleScarlet

      Nice mod! Thanks!
      I want to know, are there only 3 settings for the camera resolution? Is it possible to have, say, 41.5, 38, 34, 24,16, 12, 9, 8, 5 and 3 MPix… all at the same time?

      • Ryo2

        Hi, 41,5 MPX is nonsenze (you can see only 38MPX 4:3,or 34Mpx 16:9)…
        I tried (many hours)add 13,16,20 or 24 Mpx many times,but everytime Error.Now I Give up.I thing maybe impossible …

  18. jake20

    wow! this is very nice.. there should be a way to install this onto a hacked 808, so flashing is not needed… i hope

    • Sawan Bruins

      Flashing is not needed, but I tried it in the awakenings firmware and it screwed up the camera interface (deleting the file fixed it). I advice to backup the original file on your phone if present (at my phone this wasn’t).