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Review: 3000 mAh Mugen Power battery for the Nokia 808 PureView

How much is there one can write about a battery? Usually it’s just something you replace because the original one is losing it’s power. When you’re lucky you have an “old-fashioned” phone with the possibility to exchange the battery yourself – than you can use a second battery as a spare for another round of power (I know several users enjoying that possibility).

I tried the Mugen Power battery for the Nokia 808 PureView for a few weeks – maybe even two months by now. And there’s a lot more than I ever imagined to write about something “basic” as a battery.

First, in the package, you’ll find a list with charging instructions and battery care. That shows you’ll have to be disciplined to get the most out of this battery. For the first 4 to 5 charges, you’ll have to make sure you charge it for at least 8 till 12 hours – so preferably at night.

After each charge, you should use your device “as normal” (whatever that is) and recharge it when it warns you the remaining capacity is very low. And be sure to never drain the battery completely. And this already is more than I’ve ever written before about a battery. But there’s more.

This 3000 mAh battery is of course huge and it won’t fit into the Nokia 808 PureView unless with a seperate back cover. The one sent to me was white, but Mugen has them in a black and even red version as well – so all colors you can buy your Nokia 808 PureView in (though I’m still looking for the red version - anyone?).

It’s also a way to get your Nokia 808 in “dual tone” (black and white), like I did.

Let there be no mistake: the Nokia 808 PureView is already a pretty thick smartphone to modern standards, and this battery will make it even thicker – like it’s completely unaware of any design at all.

The next close-up will give you a good idea about the difference in size between the original Nokia 808 PureView and the one with the Mugen Power battery.

See what I mean? Moreover, the white version is more the greyish “mother-of-pearl” kind of white, so combining it with your white Nokia 808 might not be the best idea. Here’s quite an accurate shot of the subtle difference in color.

Using the Nokia 808 with the Mugen Power battery attached, you’ll get used to its size and weight. When you pick up an original Nokia 808 PureView after a while, that suddenly seems thin and light as a feather (more or less) – and yes, the original design is much better too, no doubt. But this is not about design.

How does it perform? Well, quite simple: it will keep your Nokia 808 PureView alive for much longer than the original battery, no doubt either. Of course, standby time always depends on usage – and to copy shots I made, I’ve been connecting it to my PC in between charges, if only for a short time.

Nevertheless, I know I didn’t need to charge it for somewhere around a week, whereas I needed to recharge after a few days with the original battery. In other words, this thing is a monster in many ways.

It will ruin the original design of your Nokia 808 PureView – but taste is personal and maybe you don’t care too much about design. It will make it at lot heavier – but maybe you don’t care about weight either. Last but not least, it will keep your Nokia 808 PureView alive for much longer (provided you follow the instructions as described above).

One more thing on the positive side: many people think you will not be able to use NFC anymore when you use this battery. Not true. It has a NFC chip built in the back cover, and it works exactly the same as the original one.

Would I advise you to buy the Mugen Power 3000 mAh battery, providing you can afford it?

In general, the standby-time of the original battery is way better than almost every other modern smartphone. So if you are an “average” user and surrounded by power sockets at home and at work just in case, you’ll most likely manage.

But if you use your Nokia 808 intensively, if you don’t care for weight and design too much, if you know you’re going to be on a trip for a longer time, or if you just don’t want to worry about it – and if you can afford it – I’d say: go for it.

I belong to the category that “doesn’t want to worry about it”, and this battery has really surprised me. Combining the low power consumption of Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 with a battery like this, you’ll keep your Nokia 808 PureView online for much longer than you’re used to, that’s for sure.

But to be completely honest, it certainly looks and feels better to hold the original Nokia 808 PureView. So it’s a matter of taste, as it often is. If you really need the power, here’s the link to Mugen.

PS all the product shots were captured with the Nokia Lumia 920.

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24 Responses

  1. eEe

    I bought BL-4D (I think this is the battery used for N8) from Ebay, which has a power of 2680mAH, but as thin as the original battery. I should say the power is inconsistent, sometimes I use it for 3 long days, at other times it drains fast but not less than 1.5 day. But sure the 2680mAh runs longer than the original, but looking at your Mugen made me a little happy to see that mine is not as bulky as yours, but I still/might consider buying, if the power is consistent for Mugen (which lasts for almost week), does the power perform consistently?

    • Marc @PureViewClub

      It´s not easy to say since I hook up my Nokia 808 PureView to my laptop quite often to transfer photos. In general I didn´t notice any inconsistancy though.

  2. Micha

    - How long is the charge time for the 3000mAh?
    - Is the battery readout from for instance “battery info” or “Belle extra buttons” correct?

    I recently bought the 1500mAh, but i’m not satisfied. Even after doing the full charge of 8hours (x4) it still doesn’t compete against the original. Possibly a flaw, and will ask for a refund.

    • Marc @PureViewClub

      - I didn’t check, charged at night.
      - those are apps I don’t use. Would not know if they are correct or not by the way.

  3. [...] 808 PureView z bateria o pojemności 3000mAh (fotki z pureviewclub.com) Link do artykułu: Review: 3000 mAh Mugen Power battery for the Nokia 808 PureView | PureView Club Co o tym sądzicie? na wyjazdy ok ale z takim grubasem to bym się nie pokazał na ulicy [...]

  4. jerrick

    808 beats galaxy camera. http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_camera_vs_nokia_808_pureview-review-873.php
    i should have won that contest marc.. Ü

  5. Jake20

    it looks like you had a white 808 right there.. why didnt you put the mugen back on the white case?

    I have a white 808, and would like to see exactly what it looks like right up against the white 808 body..

    from what I can tell the color appears to be way off.

  6. Kjetil

    Wow, I’ll rather carry a portble charger.

  7. Navvarr

    Interesting review- I’ll probably buy one of these batteries in the summer when I’m going my holiday.
    I use my spare N8 batteries as backups- not that I really need to use them that often- battery power in my Pureview is rarely a big issue, despite constant heavy use.

  8. Kresimir

    What about apps for measuring/displaying battery capacity, Nokia Battery Monitor, qooBattery Widget and original battery icon on top of the screen?
    Do they show correct values (stanby, percentage)?

    • SU27

      there is an explanation somewhere on AllAboutSymbian how to calibrate it to show correct values (they also did a review)

      pozdrav :)

  9. fhvr40

    I use the big Mugen since since November and can confirm around double capacity in daily usage. Now the 808 is my first smartphone without thinking on battery while using everything at anytime!

  10. hackdrag

    I wouldnt use that it make my phone look ugly…

  11. Hi Marc
    Interesting info you gave.
    Additional remark: It seems to me that with the Mugen battery installed you can’t use anymore Nokia’s HH-23 tripod mount.
    The total device will become too thick I am afraid.

    • RVM

      Well, HH-23 tripod mount (have one) is more about width of device, not about it’s thickness. So i think it should work.

    • Marc @PureViewClub

      Hi Peter,

      You could be right. I’ll check that somewhere today. I’m not a great fan of the HH-23 anyway. Think it was designed for the N8, not the 808.

  12. I am thinking of buying this one too.

  13. dorz

    how much for mugen cover+battery? wont it destroy the phone?

  14. dorz

    i only bought bl-4d (N8 battery) for backup battery.

  15. RVM

    For my hiking trips, i bought 3 additional BV-4D batteries (1320mAh like in N9) and i also have Energizer XP8000 portable charger. I’m using 808 for GPS tracking and as my main camera during trips.

  16. armin

    it makes 808 very thick…
    So when i put it in my pocket or in my hamd it will be exagerate

  17. well mine’s red. ;)

    • Frank

      I ordered the HLI-BV4DSL with 1500mAh two weeks before. It has of course not the double life time than the big one but instead it keeps the original size – so no other 808-outfit!
      Does anybody have experiences already?

      • for $18 i got 2 on-lite bv4d batteries plus a charger (that was such crap it went into the trash but that still makes it really worth it). so i essentially have 3 batteries for the phone. now the on-lite batteries, it seems, don’t have the same capacity as the original nokia one, but i get really decent life out of the original that i’ve never needed more than one spare in my pocket during a long day out.

        if i bring a bag, i have a portable juice pack that can charge this phone to full many times over.

        that said, i’m still tempted by this beast of a mugen battery. 3000mah is crazy. i like crazy.