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In Creative Mode, win a Nokia 808 PureView!

Yes, here’s your chance! You might have suspected Nokia likes what I’m doing at the PureViewClub, so they asked me if I would like to organize something for my readers to win a Nokia 808 PureView.

Of course I was glad to do so, but I told them I get visitors from all over the world, so one would be a bit… well: not enough. So they doubled it! The PureViewClub can give away two Nokia 808! All the more reason for you to join the competition (after all you always have a 50% chance: you win one, or you don’t :-).

What do you do? You don’t have to be on Twitter (too many seem to make a career out of trying to win by retweeting anyway). Liking my page on Facebook will help, but most important: surprise me, move me, make me go wow!

In short – get in Creative Mode. Write something original, funny, astonishing, inspiring, but most important: write down why you would just love to get your hands on the Nokia 808 PureView.

You have somewhere between 140 characters and 70 wordsno more. Be sure you mention “Nokia 808 PureView” in your entry. Post your reaction below, be sure to fill in your correct email address, otherwise I can’t get in touch with you.

I’ll select the entries that really touched me and from those, two will be chosen as the lucky ones. Simple as that! You have until 30/12 to think of something unique and brilliant – I’ll start looking for the best entry on 31/12 and I hope to be able to announce the winners the first day of the new year.

Remember: less is more … Be creative, and good luck! :-)

(PureViewClub is on Twitter and Facebook)

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175 Responses

  1. [...] time, but today, in a town in Hungary, David Detko received the Nokia 808 PureView he won in the Creative Mode Contest here at the PureViewClub. He’s glad and yes, I was glad as well that I could announce him as [...]

  2. [...] Philip Xenakis from the UK, to tell him he had actually won the Nokia 808 PureView in the “Creative Mode” contest, I was completely stunned to receive a reply (partly) in… Dutch.It appeared [...]

  3. [...] over the world, so many people really doing their creative best to win a Nokia 808 PureView in the PureViewClub Creative Mode Contest.I’ve been reading a lot of poetry, many people describing how good the Nokia 808 PureView is, [...]

  4. Madhan

    A passionate dream of getting a gift from Ansel Adams, cherished by Nokia with 808

  5. Marc @PureViewClub

    Competion is CLOSED now. I already did a lot of reading, thank you all very much for sending all this in! It´s going to be tough as hell to choose two winners…

  6. Pawlee

    Late but felt like sharing it anyway cos it was amused me, who doesn’t like a limerick? Ha ;D

    There once was a feature called pureview,
    That immeasurably helps capturing your view.
    In darkness and light,
    It’ll snap what you like,
    And also as a phone it’ll work too!

  7. Lucas

    Hey Marc! Let me tell you.. I am a student, guitarist and a photography enthusiast. I got my N8 in march of last year in need to record my band’s shows. The phone was on sale and given its great camera it was a no brainier. Ever since then I’ve become a fan of Nokia and, since music gear drains my funds, winning the Nokia 808 Pureview would be divine :)

  8. Uffe

    My Pureview 808 is my phone, my digital camera, my media center, mailreader and browser while i’m away from home. It does all of those things to perfection, but for the media its bound for rejection, because it doesn’t have the newest apps collection.

  9. Mark

    The Presidential Inauguration is in three weeks here in DC. I would love the Nokia 808 Pureview to take great pictures. 808 is the area code of Hawaii, President Obama’s home state. I would gladly send you the pictures to post. (I could even take 808, if you would like!)

  10. Erin

    Can you decode my creative Nokia 808 PureView message (it is 15 words)?!


  11. Vaibhav G. Bandvalkar

    Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom Then Also U Get Video at 360p Cool Cool Cool,
    Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom zoom Zoom Then Also U Get Video At 720P Cool Cool Cool,
    Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom Then Also U Get Video At 1080p Cool Cool Cool,
    Audio At 140db That also Cool Cool Cool,
    Forgot To Tell U It’s Nokia 808 Pureview View View,
    That’s Why I Want 808 Pureview View View.