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PureViewClub exclusive: download the HDRapp for Nokia 808 PureView!

I am incredibly glad and proud to have another exclusive at the PureViewClub for you! In this post you will find the downloadlink to the latest betaversion of the HDRapp developped by Jeff Vader from Australia and Alexandro Lacadena (@petaqui) from @symbiosisapps (also on Facebook).

If you want to read all about it first – if you haven’t done so already, here is the review Peter Meijs wrote about it earlier. I’ve been working with it for a while already, it certainly is fun!

I’ve understood it will work on the Nokia N8 as well, but that will take more effort since there is no bracketing option on the Nokia N8. Maybe another app will solve that “problem” as well.

In a later stage the app will be made available on a seperate site, including a faq, tutorials, news, future updates etc etc. I will keep you posted on that site as soon as it’s live. Also, the app will be made available on Nokia Store when the last adjustments have been made.

So without further ado: download the app here. Enjoy!

PS: the HDRapp will not work with full resolution shots!

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54 Responses

  1. Guest

    I think i’m going to buy the Nokia 808 now.

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  3. Star

    Very nice app, but…
    Since I installed the app the camera and the Gallery crashes often.
    I have first switch my Nokia 808 off to make it work again.
    I missed the ‘moment supreme’ on the birthday of my daughter yesterday. :’(
    Is there a relation between the crashes of the camere ande the galery and the HDRapp. Before installing the HDRapp I have never had any problems…

  4. soquasi

    Many Thanks for this app, vader and petaqui! I love it! A small suggestion: Perhaps you could reverse sort the list of files to choose from, so it’s faster to get to the last shots taken.

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  6. rhishi

    hi been using this app for a while, have a suggestion, 808 has good dynamic range, so i can edit and enhance highlights by increasing brightness, so also i can reduce brightness and reduce blownup part of image, if this app can include edited images, i can do single image hdr to improvise on unbracketed images, thanks

  7. chaz

    Where can we donate to the authors?!

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  9. spaceyjase


    Nice little app, appears to work well!

    I think two things really, in addition to some other comments:

    1) It may not be obvious which photo you start on.
    2) There’s a pixel out on the application launcher — it shows as white on my 808, down in the bottom-right of the image.
    3) The image alignment works well although I had to double-tap to align. The checkbox didn’t respond until AFTER I had double-tapped the image.

    I don’t have a flicr account or facebook so I stuck my test image here:


    It’s a bit drab in the UK right now but the detail is there so could really bring out the detail with some post processing… No tripod either!

    Really good work, well done!

    – spaceyjase

    • spaceyjase

      That’s three things :)

    • I looked at your test HDR on Google+ and ik seems to me that the alignmen is ok. You have a steady hand!

    • vader

      Hi spaceyjase,

      First of all, nice shot! To answer your questions:

      1) Yep, looking into the whole picture selection thing/built in camera.

      2) You are correct. Didn’t notice it until I changed backgrounds.

      3) Thats how it is meant to work :) We don’t auto align as we can’t guarantee that the middle of the image has sufficient information to align. The preview starts off unaligned (hence the checkbox is disabled) Don’t know about double tapping, but once the image has been aligned, you can turn it on/off with the checkbox.

      Hope this helps.

      And thanks for the feedback!

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  11. Mimi

    Cool. Can’t wait to try this out to give my dull winter pictures (Due to dull weather not due to camera) some punch.

  12. José

    Didn’t use the app yet, but for what I’ve read in the reviews… amazing work!!! Thanks for sharing it with all of us Nokia 808 users!

  13. Tony

    Hii..thaanx for the app :D..I installed it..when i pressed the preview button in the app..it crashes :(..need help..i was startin to like this app

    • Hi Tony!

      Sad news :( Let me know one thing, did you load pictures of full resolution or pureview resolution? I mean, 8/5mp or 34mp?
      Because the app right now can’t work with the largest files, just with the 8 and under reslutions.
      For the N8 can work also with 12mp shots.


      • Tony

        Jeez…thaanx..nw it wrks :D…i like dis app :D

        • Yeah! Did you push the Preview button before loading the shots? Because that’s a bug found, Vader will quit the Preview button and make visible just when the shots are loaded

  14. ankit

    also working on mysymbian s60v5 smartphone

  15. jake20

    thanks again guys for the effort here.!

    Here is some feedback on features i think could be added or fixed to really improve the app.. in priority.

    1. Ability to take the pictures in the app (with option to turn on/off flash)

    I feel this would significantly improve the time it takes to use this app, and make the overall experience much better.

    If this is implemented, then you could completely eliminate the code you wrote which brings up the file manager to select the images, and then again to select a save location.

    You should just use the same location as the original source images to save the new HDR output file.. with maybe an _HDR appended to the original file name.

    But Until you implement in app picture taking, as a short term improvement..

    2. Instead of bringing up file manager to search for files, just bring up the gallery for file selection. Much easier and less time consuming.

    3. Just save the HDR output to the same source folder with an _HDR appended to the file name.. Again much easier and would save a lot of time.

    If you could streamline the UI like this, it would really enhance the usability of the app i think!

    AMAZING first beta effort though!!
    thanks again

    • vader

      Thanks jake20 for the feedback!

      1) is underway – did you mean a cut down camera in-app, or the app runs the built in camera, then uses the photos it just took.

      2) using the built-in gallery isn’t actually that easy. I have to implement a gallery-like selector. That isn’t too hard, but could be slower than the (hardware assisted) gallery app.

      3) I’m not a big fan of using the photo directory. It is a standard DCIM file structure which could have interesting side effects when connected to your PC. I might add a setting to let people choose the output directory, then people who want to can use the DCIM area, and those who don’t can choose another directory. Everyone wins :) I think there is a limit to the number of files in each DCIM sub-directory. I’ll have to check it out.

      Thanks again for trying it out and the feedback. Should make the next version better!

      • Rob


        1) is underway – did you mean a cut down camera in-app, or the app runs the built in camera, then uses the photos it just took.
        ==> We need the ability to take photos within the app. Currently it’s a convoluted sequence: launching camera app, setting up for EV shots, take shots, close camera app, launch HDRapp, scroll through list of photos (a painful procedure when just file name rather than thumbnail is given to select from), applying HDR in app, save.
        Enable photo taking within the HDRapp increases user experience at least by 1,000,000% !!!!!!!

        2) using the built-in gallery isn’t actually that easy. I have to implement a gallery-like selector. That isn’t too hard, but could be slower than the (hardware assisted) gallery app.
        ===> Concerns noted, but as said before there is NO comparison selecting from thumbnail as opposed to having to remember file names…

        3) As for saving images I think you’re right about the number of images in a DCIM directory – I’d rather you just made use of E:/IMAGES/HDRapp or suchlike for saving them without them getting lost in the DCIM directory with 100s of files, much the way the Panorama app does – all images accessible in gallery view, but when using file manager nicely sub-directoried to easily find them :0)

  16. mark

    i cant get the pictures to align lol if anything they look less blurred and messed up if its clicked to off even then does not look good :S

    • Hi Mark

      I’m sorry about that. Did you take the shots taking care of not moving a lot? I mean, if there is too much difference between shots, the app can’t align the HDR. If you prefer, share here the pictures (a link to mediafire with zip file containing the shots for example)


  17. mark

    its a good effort, be alot better if and when they make it so you can actually take the pictures IN APP

    the problem and messing about is taking the 3 pictures then searching to find the files when you have loaded the app, as you have to search where they are saved then check the file names of the 3 pictures as it does not show you a gallery so its easier to find them lol

    • vader

      The gallery lookup isn’t actually that easy. You can’t use the built in one, you have to write your own. I am trying to use the gallery thumbnails, because loading each photo would be *way* too slow.

      As far as in app photo taking, I’m looking in to it. Here is a question – would people rather a cut down camera interface that automatically did brackets, but was completely auto, or the built in camera app, then select the last photo taken?

      • vader

        Sorry, so I don’t confuse anyone, I mean the app starts the built in camera, then *automatically* chooses the last photo taken when you close the camera.

  18. torcida

    Thanks :)

  19. rich

    Thanks, you’re awesome ! This work is very much appreciated

  20. johnny

    oh, i was surprised to see that you need to take the bracketed images outside of this app, then go back and open this app to combine the images.

    I thought this was a complete standalone app that I could take the pictures, and it would combine them for me.

    I did not realize that I need to capture the images first with the regular camera app, then go back and combine them with this app.

    I still appreciate the effort, but you really need to combine this into a single app that will take the images and combine them into a single HDR image.

    Thanks guys!

    • Marc @PureViewClub

      True, the HDRapp uses your bracketed images – the ones you made prior to using the app. It’s like making bracketed images and post-processing them on your PC, now without the PC :-).

      I think that was made very clear in the review previously published here, the one I linked to in the post as well. Combining this into an “all-in-one” app is an idea I think the developers are already working on. What you downloaded is the latest beta-version.

      • As Vader said, he is working on that, in the future will be added
        We will add to our website some tutorial to use the app in an easier way

    • mark

      yeh i assumed the same thing, i suppose it makes it just a bit easier i suppose doing it on the phone although be good if they can make it so u take the actual pics in the app

    • vader

      I can make that an option. You can select a photo, or take one.

  21. Peter

    Wow, awesome app! Makes the imaging experience on the 808 much better!

    Thank You!

  22. I LOVE IT! Looging forward the new updates =)

    If you need help to make a new website for this app, contact me =)

  23. PPs

    Thanks a lot for this useful tool. If you need free and adfree webspace or help with page let me know.

  24. Conrad

    I have not tested it yet, but will do within short time:-)

  25. mohican

    I installed very good thank you
    I’m still going to test

  26. Nice app!
    Tested and it crashed first time I used it, because of full resolution images lol
    But on 8MP works great! I didn’t use tripod, but the align image function could be better!

    And if you don’t chouse image and press on preview button app crashes again!

    But anyway its great! I’m happy that I don’t need to use my PC anymore for this!


    1. fix bugs
    2. add portret mode
    3. add color corection and maybe croping option!
    4. maybe it’s possible to work with full resalution images?

    8/10 :)

    • Hi!

      I can’t understand so well your problem. The app crashes with a 8mpx shot? or just with full resolution?
      For the alignement select an area with a good contrast and objects that don’t move, as roof, chair… the app can align the shots if there isn’t so much difference, I mean, 50px (for example, Jeff can tell you that better, he coded the algorithm)

      About the portrait mode, it isn’t useful, because the shot will look so small, and when editing a shot important to view the shot in a big size.

      Color correction and much more options will be in next releases :)

      About working with full resolutions is difficult, Jeff was trying but needs a lot of resources :S

      • vader


        I didn’t put a check in (yet) for full res photos. The memory consumption is too high with the current (fast) algorithms. We would need about 450Mb of ram just for the image cache :)

        Its funny, it never occurred to me to press preview before loading the images :) I’ll just remove the button till the images are loaded. I tried lots of different combinations of button presses, but not that one…

        As far as alignment goes, here is the lowdown:

        To minimise potential rotational problems, we use a 200×200 pixel slice from the image. This is large enough to get good detail, and small enough to be fast. The area you select needs to have enough information to align. For example, tapping on a wall that is only one colour will fail. As an idea, the best possible alignment would be tapping on the middle of a cross. You can always “tap around” to find the best alignment area. Zooming in before aligning also helps a lot.

        • Thanks for info! :)
          Will wait for updates, but it’s good anyway! :)

          I will test it longer and maybe give you a feedback later :)

          When it will bi on OVI stor?

  27. Johan

    great news.thank you so much.youre the best.

  28. Chani

    thank you! Downloaded :)

  29. Mahesh

    great.. checking it now

  30. Hi!
    In the future we are thinking to add the camera option to do the bracketed shots inside the app.

  31. thanks for posting this app.. Ill try this on my 808! Many thanks!