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A bike ride in the forest: comparing OIS of the Nokia Lumia 920 with the Nokia 808 PureView

Just a short ride in the woods, on a more or less sunny Sunday afternoon. I took the Nokia Lumia 920 out for a ride and compared it to the Nokia 808 PureView – on my bike.

On the Nokia 808 PureView stabilization was ON and continuous autofocus was ON on both devices (you can’t disable it on the Nokia Lumia 920). I had colors on “vivid” in the Nokia 808 PureView (as I always have). On the Nokia Lumia 920 all is on automatic.

I tried to keep the same pace and the same route in both takes (I had to wait for about 10 minutes to get the same sunlight for the second take). But I wasn’t alone out there, so you will notice some differences. In general, you’ll be able to see more or less the same in both videos.

The footage speaks for itself: you will notice a striking difference in quality! YouTube asked me I would have liked to change the video – of course, I didn’t. You should really see this in full resolution (1080p) if your internet connection allows you to, otherwise, choose 720p if possible.

First: the Nokia 808 PureView

Next: the Nokia Lumia 920

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20 Responses

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  3. Bob

    Sound of 808 is better.

  4. Rodney

    It seems like 920 cannot make the same impressions as the 808 done when it was released for some months ago. I remember when the first sample-pictures of 808 was released, nobody could imagine they was real. When pictures of 920 was released most comments are “okay, not bad, good” etc, it`s a major difference….

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  6. testi100

    Pls make the same video with stabilization OFF at the 808, because as we all know the software stabilization make the quality worser there!

    And i also want to see a ZOOM COMPATING between 808 vs 920 ;))))

    And we will see how wins then;)

    • Michael

      The zoom on 920 has no value at all, it have zoom but only digital so the quality is poor… That`s why 920 not is a typical concert-camera, it`s made for situations without any need of zoom.

      Btw; 808 wins anyway:-)

  7. Extraneus

    Impressive! For a bike ride, the stabilization of the 920 makes it look a bit unnatural, but in most other cases I’m guessing this will make a world of difference! Image quality (sharpness and colour) is still better on the 808, though…

    • Russell

      if shake in the video is natural looking then i dont want it, thats the point of image stabilization, to get rid of the annoying vibrations. To say it doesnt look natural is ridiculous, you mean it doesnt look naturally bad and annoying to watch. Im not trying to dis 808 which is by far the better camera phone, but video is better with image stabilization period. If you want to compare it to looking natural, well when i bike, my eyes dont vibrate and shake like the 808 video.

  8. SU27

    Marc could you please stabilise 808 video with virtualdub and put it on youtube then? I would like to compare it to 920 then, just to see how software stabilisation works comparing to hardware one.


    • Jack

      Good Idea!!
      I would also like to see the 808 video after a virtualdub stabilisation. Job for you Mark ?

  9. civichief

    Overall the Lumia 920 looks good. OIS works very good.
    The picture quality is good also and you cannot see much difference compared to the 808 while watching the video. Maybe in stills you can see differences.
    OK colour is different, but hey that’s normal.

  10. vader

    Good videos. A nice example of OIS working. One interesting thing – I actually find the 920 slightly off putting and unnatural. I watched them several times to make sure I wasn’t inventing it. Ignoring the quality, the bouncing 808 seems more natural, whereas the mainly smooth 920 accentuates the larger bumps due to the lack of smaller bumps.

    I’m not having a dig, the point is to demo the OIS, which it does. Its just an odd effect :)

  11. Jack

    I think the 808 have the best picture quality but maybe 920 have better stabilization…

  12. Nikhil

    I always feel 808 wins in video quality but the video is more stabilized on 920.

    • Jason

      The 808 have the best quality on the video, no doubth. I will never replace my 808 with a 920:-)

  13. Russell

    920 wins