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On a European trip with the Nokia 808 PureView

A few weeks ago, Nikhil Joshi from Mumbai – who often has provided me with great tips with news about the Nokia 808 PureView – made a trip to Europe with his family. Recently he sent me some of the pictures he took with his Nokia 808, and told me I could share whatever I wanted.

Well, you know I love chances like that: showing what not everybody has seen, wether it are extremely famous places, maybe even places not yet captured by the Nokia 808 PureView?

You’ll see pictures of Venice, the Swiss alpes and Paris. I made a selection for this post, you will find more of his European trip on Flickr. Some are full res, some shot in PureView. I enjoyed receiving and sharing them here at the club!

Like I said, there is more on Flickr. As you see, I will not forget about the Nokia 808 PureView now that I’m busy discovering the Nokia Lumia 920.

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16 Responses

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  2. TYCHO

    I follow this site from the beginning.. i was in love with the Nokia 808 from the moment i saw some example pictures taken with this device.. and follow every picture shoot that followed. Then came the 920.. and decided to wait buying the 808. I have to admit that i didn’t follow the 808 anymore, and my focus were on the 920. After seeing these crisp picture of the 808.. brings my love for the 808 back. I’m still amazed of the crisp quality.. and it comes really close to my panasonic GH2. Looks like i’m back again.. it’s time to consider witch device i’m gonna choose..

  3. Joseph Salameh

    hey there, i need a little help from you please, i just bought a pureview 808, and everything is really great and i adore the camera, but i noticed that the camera button is a little bit loose, and there’s no reassuring second click ( after the focus one ) and the button feels smushy a little bit and can be pressed from any side either the middle or the left or right, is this normal? or should i return to my dealer?

    • eEe

      soft pressing should have a click feel to focus, then pressing the button harder should make the capture.

      it’s a bit loose but it feels reassuring for me that focus and capture should work.

      • Joseph Salameh

        hello , i have your same problem, it appears sometimes and sometimes not, i donno why? if you come up with something plz tell me :)

  4. Cesar

    Nice pictures!

    Anyone of you is having that 3g problem with the 808?

    • eEe

      Mine just keeps on reconnecting on mobile data, even if no apps are opened. It says “Mobile data off No connections available” in the notification bar that goes up and down, but there are times it does not appear… I think it eats up the battery fast.

      • jerrick

        download appstop from nokia store

        • eEe

          I already have AppStop in my phone, no app seems to be opened, but notification keeps popping. Even stopping the “weather” doesn’t keep it from popping up :)

        • eEe

          it could be the widgets, I’ll try to delete them later, I’ll keep you guys posted on this…

        • eEe

          haven’t removed my Social widget yet, but the notification doesn’t show anymore, it just pops up out of the blue.

          • vader

            When you notice the 3g connect, drag the top notification bar down, and click on the mobile newtowrk icon. That takes you to the conenction manager. Click on the connection (normally “internet”) and scroll to the bottom. It will tell you all apps which are using the connection.

            • eEe

              It was because of my widgets, I removed all of my widgets that require internet connection like “Facebook, Twitter, Force Control Widget”, it doesn’t seem to appear anymore, I added again the Force Control Widget couple of weeks ago, I don’t get the notification until now, hopefully it won’t appear anymore :)

  5. Shawn

    Amazing ones .. I wonder how much detail one can see in the 38 megapixel images.. I want to buy this one do u think its good future purchase instead of going for a slr

    • torcida

      Yes, if you don’t like to carry two or more devices with you! :)

    • Marc @PureViewClub

      Shawn, you can see some 38MP resolution on the Flickr set (linked above).

      Since I have the Nokia 808 PureView, I never bring my SLR anymore… All the pics I make of other smartphones, I make with the Nokia 808 PureView.