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Symbian said to be “in maintenance mode” – what does that mean? (Update!)

This evening I was startled by a post over at DailyMobile.net, saying Nokia Developers stated that “Symbian is in maintenance mode”. You can find that post here. It’s about a developer noticing a bug in Nokia Drive, who in a reaction gets: “Symbian is in maintenance mode and no new features will be implement without extremely good reason.”

I´ll quote from Kevin Averett’s text as well: ‘This reads to me that it’s game set and match for Symbian there will be no more updates for and it will just be “Bug Fixes” done by Accenture till the support period expires. This only makes sense since FP2 is just really Symbian Donna renamed. Symbian Donna was the last update that Nokia stated was coming for Symbian and it was always assumed to be the end of the line for Symbian.“‘

But I wonder if it really does make sense?

On May 26 it was AllAboutSymbian that brought the news about Stephen Elop saying that “software updates to Symbian devices are expected until at least 2016″, and that there is ” a long history still to be paved for Symbian in the future“. So these two things don’t really go together well, since we haven’t even started 2013 yet.

It might be that someone at Nokia Developers didn’t feel like getting into “bug 1030” – but stating “Symbian is in maintenance mode” sounds a bit too official to get rid of someone noticing a bug. Also, it’s hard to imagine that we’ll be seeing nothing but  “bug fixes” for about four years?

It would also – more or less – explain the fact that Nokia is not (or hardly) promoting it’s latest (and best) Symbian device, being the Nokia 808 PureView. And once more it gives me the impression Nokia has more in store than “just” what has been announced and leaked by now.

So I’m betting on a serious alternative for the Nokia 808 PureView, somewhere next year, possibly even before summer, running on Windows Phone 8. If that’s the case, that would make up for the loss of further serious updates on Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 I guess, although I’m sure many readers would prefer never to have to leave Symbian at all.

Via iChris701 I received this quite important update on this matter… See below, a quote from Developer Nokia Bugs

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29 Responses

  1. Ms

    I got a nokia 808-Oh whata mobile, this is more than great!
    Good size, I mean its all I need
    Nokia at its best.

  2. pipo

    “although I’m sure many readers would prefer never to have to leave Symbian at all.”

    It’s NOT about what I prefer. It’s about WHAT I NEED!
    I ABSOLUTELY NEED a phone that can record phonecals (preferably automatic) and I can sync with Microsoft Outlook.

    These are the 2 most basic REQUIREMENTS that I need as a professional roadwarior from my communications device. The first because the country where I live has severe penalties for using a phone while driving (Yes, even taking notes while driving). And the second because I’m prohibited from offloading my customers address and telephone database onto clouds (It’s called client confidentiality).

    AFAIK Nokia Symbian devices are the ONLY devices that can record calls. EVERY nokia symbian can this both the uber-expensive 808 pureview but also the cheap C7-00 (or in my own case the 701).

    With Android some models CAN (e.g. ZTE San Francisco or Optimus 4X HD) while others CAN’T (Samsung SGSIII, Sony Xperia’s, HTC One series) or need hacking/rooting/jailbreaking to do it (Samsung SGSII).

    Windows Phones CAN’T. Period!
    iPhones CAN’T. Period!

    The second requirement is easier these days. Android devices can sync perfectly with outlook through e.g. Phone Explorer. iPhones can sync with Outlook through iTunes. And recently I’m led to believe that (only Nokia) WP devices can use Nokia Suite to sync with Outlook.

    So, show me another phone that can adhere to these 2 simple requirements that I’m using since at least 2008 (Windows Mobile, Samsung Omnia SGH-i900) or 2009 (Nokia C7-00), 2011 (Nokia 701).

    I’m really willing to switch and “improve” or “go forward” as long as these 2 minimun requirements are fullfilled. Show me the proper Android device or the Windows Phone device that I can use. I DID buy a Lumia 800 and it sucked big time!

    I have switched from Windows Mobile to Symbian and tried Windows Phone 7.x, so don’t say I’m unwilling to change!

  3. syahriman

    ..a few days ago..i bought 808…..and im quiet happy with it…..although i thougt this would be the last symbiam device..they just need to put a little effort on improving it….

    • Marc @PureViewClub

      I think you can be pretty sure this will be the last Symbian device, in the high-end category at least

  4. quang9326

    NFC still not work on nokia 808 as nokia n9. It can’t share images and everything to another device with NFC. Waiting for update :)

  5. rehan

    hey guys can you put up pureview technology for n8-00???

    • NobleScarlet

      Sorry, this is not an official Nokia site for the PureView brand.

      But to answer your question, the Nokia N8 IS a PureView Lite device but only in the video. The “lossless zoom” is utilized for video recordings, but oversampling is not utilized for both photo capture and video recording.

  6. NobleScarlet

    What a relief! Very good to know that the 808 will still be supported in the future! Hopefully augmented reality and imaging improvements! More multimedia features is great as well!

    Pulling Symbian support for City Lens was very mean! Hope they make up for it.

  7. Amitabh Shukla

    808 is a masterpiece and belle FP2 is nowhere lesser in any respects than android or iOS….i am fully satisfied n even enthralled to have it..and whatever Nokia intends to provide, be it minor bug fixes or updates, the 808 users will feel privileged and backed-up..cheers!

    • hitesh

      but small update should come 2 solve fp2….. like camera exit option,key 2 use frount camera,touch input to increase volume and decrease volume and finally gallery -mark all option 2 send images by bluetooth!!!!!!!!

  8. Mr. AA

    actually, in software industry, ‘maintenance mode’ means dead. that’s the technical term that the software industry use to announce the death of a specific program. don’t hope for anything. symbian’s OS death has been announced.

  9. rhishikesh bhople

    i am back to symbian after 3 years, after using maemo and gingerbread, only for 808 which is collector’s phone, its not as modern as what meego could have been and not supported by as many devs as android but symbian gives rocksolid performance, its mother of all smartphones. I’ll remain happy with for atleast next 2 years, after which it would go to my gadget collection.

    • Amitabh Shukla

      i agree…808 is a masterpiece and belle FP2 is nowhere lesser in any respects than android or iOS….i am fully satisfied n even enthralled to have it..and whatever Nokia intends to provide, be it minor bug fixes or updates, the 808 users will feel privileged and backed-up..cheers!

  10. Tantan

    I’ll switch to lumia if it combines 808 and better lumia features for next model

  11. RVM

    This was expected. Any new major update after FP2 would be very suprising for me. Still, i really like FP2 update, especially the new gallery. I will keep my 808 as long as possible, because it’s an amazing device, the pinnacle of Symbian lineage, which defined the world of mobile devices. Once, it will become a legendary device :)

  12. PPs

    The speed Nokia drops down all Symbian efforts is a big kick in a** to all of us, who bought the 808.

    Have a look to the beta labs: There are no active programmes for the Symbian line anymore – just Nokia Transport was not concluded, but for sure it will in near future told to us. Everything else there for Symbian didn´t got an update for ages :(

    If I had time and I knew more of programming “actual programming languages” – I´m coding the 8 bit age of computers ;) – I would do a internet browser for Symbian, that shows up on HDMI in full HD. “Play to” proves that that must be possible.

  13. stylinred

    Im pretty sure the 808 will be my last phone for a long time and when next I make a switch it will be for Android; although I really like the look of WP8 OVER WP7 its still nowhere near where I would like it to be and Android is already there all they need is a camera worthy upgrade

  14. N808 as a collector’s item? Fantastic! I’m gonna buy it anyway :)

  15. Maurice Walton

    I’ve worked with Android, IOS and I still feel Symbian makes more sense. Like they are playing catchup. Anouncing so called “new features” that Symbian users take for granted.
    The Lumia line didn’t really entice me because it didn’t have the freedom that Symbian has, however everyday it’s getting better. I have faith in Nokia and I’ll continue to support!

  16. Pasha

    I was shocked by reading that. It means that I shelled out my cash on a dead phone. Look. No accessories no batteries are flowing to the stores as they should.. And then this. Maintenance. In the software world where I work this is the synonym of death. No new features, some bug fixing for a limited time and then nothing. 2016 is far from today and I believe that 808s will nort receive any attention from Nokia. Disappointed. This is bad business practice.

    • Dave

      Yes, it is bad business practice, but we KNEW that this was the last Symbian device, and that we’d only ever be getting bug fixes and that we’d be lucky to get new features.

      Maintenance mode does *not* mean death. It just means nothing new.

      Doesn’t make the 808 “dead” – has it magically stopped working? Of course not. Its still one of the best phones on market bar none.

  17. SU27

    “So I’m betting on a serious alternative for the Nokia 808 PureView, somewhere next year, possibly even before summer, running on Windows Phone 8.”

    it will not happen and for a reason, maybe in a 3 or 4 years but just maybe we will see the cameraphone that will reach the 808 quality

  18. Ben

    so, that makes sense now why FP2 roll out has seen some glitches & pull-ups… there were still some good souls in Nokia that don’t wish to let it going down the drain.
    however, it’s dated, sooner or later gotta let go. :(

  19. NobleScarlet

    I would like an OS with as few restrictions as possible. Symbian and Android both offer those things. WP has too much restrictions and is too reliant on proprietary or specialized software. Just my opinion, but I think “maintenance mode” could mean that it is the back-up plan if ever the WP plan fails. Who knows, maybe they are fixing critical bugs in the core OS that prevents use of cooler features, if any? I am one of those who prefer to never leave Symbian. It is a difficult to master, but very rewarding.

    If what Elop said is true about being supported until 2016 and having a long history still to be paved in the future, then maybe they really are fixing the OS itself. Maybe it is not properly optimized for newer hardware, or multi-core processors. The next logical “big leap” for Symbian is 4k2k video, native recording to a 10-bit MKV container and possibly 120 or 60 FPS recording for the PureView branding.

    More networking features perhaps for seamless integration to local are networking? Support for Windows/Linux-based drivers for printers and other USB peripherals, maybe? I can think of a lot of features that could make Symbian even better, but perhaps they already thought about those things but saw that the core OS lacks support and therefore has to go to a major revision to support new smartphone innovations. One can only hope, and I hope I am right.

    • Marc @PureViewClub

      That’s a very optimistic view, I like that, let’s hold on to that thought until proven otherwise…!

    • birju

      +1 i really hope that comes out to be true, otherwise it will be very heartbreaking..

  20. Adam Lamar

    I’m really liking Symbian, but could go to WP8. If the 922 really is going to be a powerhouse PureView, I’d be enticed, but not with the BS Pureview in 920…