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Finally!! Nokia 808 Feature Pack 2 is rolling out

This post will cause excitement ánd frustration, no doubt. The update we have all been waiting for so long has been made available by Nokia.

You can install it on you Nokia 808 OTA (“over the air”, via WiFi preferably), or using Nokia PC Suite or Nokia Software Updater. If you can’t seem to get Nokia PC Suite working on your PC, there is an installation file on your very own Nokia 808 (if you didn’t delete it that is).

UPDATE: a very effective way to update is to “dial” *#0000# on your phone, choose the menufunction on the right bottom corner and “check for updates”. Worked for me :-)

The frustrating part will be waiting for it. In some countries it already released, other countries take days, weeks or even months I know from experience.

Thank you @ShawtBway for more or less waking me up with this great news, and I borrowed the picture from SymbianTweet.

Enjoy your update when you got it, let all readers know when you got it and what you think of it below :-)

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103 Responses

  1. Jason

    It’s now late November, and in Switzerland it still says “no update available” from FP1.

  2. Alen

    Still waiting for update in South Africa. Gallery is especially frustrating. Got so used to my N8.

    Come on Nokia SA.

  3. Radium

    Hello Marc,
    I wish I could normally switch back to FP1.


    -The new keyboard is brighter grey, which makes it look cheap!

    -Standard, there are two keyboards now… When I edit a contact it is the old layout and fp2 layout when sms’ing.

    -Cannot switch keyboards when texting. (Only by going to options in the menu hidden deep…)

    -T9 keyboard layout is F.U.B.A.R. WHY? the preview of words takes up space and is clumsy… seperate letter fill is not allowed. Also binding emoticons as a word :) = 2x . is not possible…
    With fp1 it’s easy to type words with fp2 you have to tap multiple times…

    -Smiley menu in whatsapp doesnt work at all (because of t9).

    -Extra buttons are not needed… Search is useless…

    BIG CON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -They Partially removed the F*cking arrows (to navigate in words)
    It’s only viewable if your pressing on a word! it should be there all the time! WTF!?

    -Gallery is viewable in landscape (finally!) (N8 does this standard…)

    Nokia used to add more functionality into their phones.
    Now they are removing or make stuff worse? WHY?
    I’m really pissed about the new keyboard without the arrows and the idiot word preview thing…

    • Tobias

      Actually you can switch keyboards when texting. You ONCE have to go to the phone language options in the Settings app. there, you can enable multiple keyboards. If and only if you have enabled more than one keyboard layout in the FP2′s language settings, then a new globe icon will appear on the keyboard when texting, and you can use the globe to switch keyboard layouts.

      Monolingual users will not be bothered, bilingual users will only have to hit the globe once rather than going through the complete language menue like in FP1, and only if you enable more than two keyboard layouts you will get the complete menu. Quite smart IMO.

      • Radium

        Thank you Tobias, Iam trying this now.
        There is still no solution for the arrows… I really REALLY liked them because it is a very powerful function if you want to edit or copy paste sentences…

        The word dictionary was better on fp1, it recognized almost all words. (without even adding them)

  4. mark

    uninstall extra buttons, sorry.

  5. mark

    Use nokia evolve, and dont use ‘extra buttons’. Now my fp2 goes better than fp1 . NO reboots now.

  6. John

    So here is my FP2 PROS & CONS

    Love the NEW KEYBOARD
    Love the Landscape Gallery and Selections with Photo Info
    Love the MUSIC PLAYER
    Love the SMS Bug is gone

    Hate the Random reboots in Music while paired with my Play 360

    Hate the Random reboots with Video Player and finally Chugging!!

    Hate the color scheme layout with the light greys and also the 4 icon at the bottom of the toolbar is not customizable

    Just hate the random reboots!!! It makes no sense.

    Also anyone out there?

    Do I have to uninstall Nokia Bubbles to get the new UNLOCK Screen?

  7. Mahdi

    I update now to fp2 but i can’t marking image in gallery.
    plz check it and help me
    my device is nokia 701 and product is 059H224
    plz check it and help
    i update with wireless and size of the update aboute16500KB