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Amazon.co.uk removed Nokia 808 PureView?

Bad news? I can’t tell you, but I have asked @Nokia_UK already if they know why Amazon.co.uk seems to have removed the Nokia 808 PureView from its website. You will still find accessories, but what good are they if you can’t order the smartphone itself over there?

There is hope however: I didn’t notice the change before, but the UK is on the worldwide availability list Nokia offers. I reckon UK customers will become a lot more cranky over the next days :-( To be continued, no doubt…

Thanks Robert Tuffin

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57 Responses

  1. Adam Lamar

    Ran into some weirdness when I got my PureView from Amazon USA. Was going for Black, and hit the “order w/in next 4 hours to get by tomorrow” and when I confirmed the order, the ship date was 3 days away and my shipping cost was $80! Called immediately. The customer service there is first rate. The CSR killed the transaction immediately – so it didn’t even authorize against my bank – and then found that there was a glitch. Amazon here had run out of black but for some reason, the page was still showing stock – so if you tried to order, it would automatically defer to a marketplace provider! Long story short – I didn’t care about color and they had white in stock, so next day I received my white PureView phone, a 32GB microSD, and a black Amzer case that turned the phone black again (for the most part)..

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  4. red is in stock in the UK at
    As with all these things where it is £60 cheaper it is not in stock.

  5. but nokia 808 pureview is, incredible 4 me……
    it is great to operate……
    i have black 808!!!!!!!

  6. Matt

    Just received my Black Nokia 808 Pureview! Dispatched at 21:03 on the 11th of July, arrived – 08:26 on the 13th of July, through standard Irish parcel post.

    Box contents:
    - Nokia 808 Pureview
    - BV-4D battery.
    - 3-Pin Plug. (Didnt need to buy that adaptor, damn!)
    - Micro-USB cable.
    - Lanyard.
    - In-Ear Headphones, with spare ear buds.
    - Quick Guide, Safety Guidelines & NFC quick start guide.

    I havent had a chance to get my SIM card converted to a Micro-SIM, and I’ve to save all my contacts and notes off my C7-00 before I swap over, so I better get cracking on that stuff now so that I can get using the best phone ever made!:-)

    Thank you Al for all your advice regarding Amazon – I think I would be waiting another week if I had not taken your advice on how to contact them!

    And thank you Marc, for your inspiration and support! Sent you a few pounds as a token of thanks, please keep up the great work!

    • PureViewClub

      Hi Matt, congrats! And thanks for your nice words, I’m touched by them, really. Trying to keep up the work, but there’s also a vacation coming up… Cheers, Marc

      • Matt

        One for me also, off to France for two weeks at the end of the month! You can understand why I worried about getting the phone “on time” now!

    • Al Reynolds

      Glad you got it! I’m still setting mine up just how I like it, three days later! The camera is just awesome…

      • Matt

        Removing some apps I wont use now at the moment, and installing some that have been recommended from the site.

        Still havent gotten my mind around the camera. The customisation within the creative settings is seriously impressive!

        One thing that I’m failing to find is though – the ability to alter the picture quality that is associated with the “Automatic” function.

        I’m still to new to things to trust myself to choose the right settings for a snap within creative mode, but I’d like to know that I’m at least taking the highest quality snaps that I can, while the phone handles the rest of the settings etc…

  7. hairychad

    well Amazon 100% blamed Nokia, without any doubt when I asked where it was..
    Order Cancelled and I’ll just wait for the Windows based PureView device later in the year… shame.

    • stephen

      Amazon have it back on the listings stating in stock from 11th July.

      And they have UPPED the price to £520. Not purchasing this on principle now until it’s back to a realistic level.

      • hairychad

        well if i hadn’t cancelled my order they’d have honoured the price I believe… ;)
        I bought the sleeve for it if anybody wants it – it’s probably cheaper to buy it off ebay though that post it again :P

        • Al Reynolds

          Yes you only get charged the price when you ordered. At one point the asking price was £495. In the end Amazon is a business and they can charge whatever they think the market will stand. They will even factor in the lost sales due to people being miffed about the increase.

          • stephen

            Al, what was it made you go for the white in the end? Sorta tempted as it’s available in France a bit cheaper…

    • mark

      you can wait but nokia have said them selves that when pureview is in the windows phones its a stripped down version of the one in 808, the senor will be smaller, less mp`s which also means less lossless zoom


  8. Al Reynolds

    Mine just shipped from Amazon UK. White 808 pre-ordered on 10 June.

    Maybe if anyone else gets a dispatch email then maybe they could update here with when they ordered and which colour? That way people might be able to get an idea when theirs might be coming.

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  10. stephen

    Now we know where they have all gone – Amazon US has them all in stock!! and they weren’t even getting the 808 originally!


  11. Al Reynolds

    Update: Saw the white 808 was in stock on Amazon UK last night with only one unit remaining. Emailed them and rang them to ask why I didn’t have a delivery date if they were in stock. Chap on phone told me that they had come in but not in time to dispatch Friday, so it would be dispatched Monday instead. Now my order has been updated with a delivery date of Tuesday. Hopefully this time it’s right!

    • Matt

      Good to hear that someone is having some luck with the phone Al, glad they are finally coming through for you.

      This is whats written on my order’s page:
      “Important Message
      We thought you should know that we’re experiencing a delay with your order. We apologise for any inconvenience. Please take note of the revised dispatch and delivery estimates marked in red below.”

      When will your items arrive?
      Not Yet Dispatched:
      Delivery #2:
      Delivery estimate: We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate. We’ll notify you via e-mail as soon as we have an estimated delivery date. You can cancel at any time.”

      Bloody typical. Really worried now that it wont be out to me before the 23rd now.

      • Al Reynolds

        That message you got is the same one I got after Nokia didn’t provide any 808s to Amazon at the end of June. It’s the one they use when they were expecting stock in but none (or not enough) arrived. I rang and emailed each day to hassle them in the hope that they might hassle Nokia, but neither made any difference. The only way I got any sensible response out of Amazon was to use the “Call me” option under “Contact us” and then click the “No” link in the followup email which says did we satisfy your query. This gets you through to first-level escalation, who speak to you more nicely and don’t just read the website information back to you like you’re an idiot who can’t read. Then, if you click “No” again on the followup email to this call, you get a “Give us another chance to help you” message with the option to receive a call. I then clicked on the “I’m not near a phone” option and wrote a message explaining clearly (but not aggressively :-) why I was not happy. This message had clearly been read by someone in a higher level of escalation team because I got a very nice call with more information shortly afterwards.

        I was actually quite impressed by the higher levels of Amazon customer support, but the first-line stuff was atrocious. As for Nokia? Well I don’t see Mark Squires sticking his head above the parapet now…

        • Matt

          Thanks Al, I’ll do that right away! Hopefully I will be able to gain some ground.

  12. how1ard

    Well guess what? Yes that’s right, as predictable as ever Nokia have screwed up AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

    They have left Amazon hanging and looking stupid as they fail to deliver any stock AGAIN.

    Hey Mark Squires are you reading this? Are you embarrassed yet?

    Five years in development and they can’t even get a bunch of phones in a truck to a warehouse on the M1. THIS IS JUST PATHETIC.

    I give up.

    • Joe

      Still thinking of getting one of these but can’t understand what’s going on here – why isin’t Mark Squires back to keep us informed and explain the contradiction in what he told us versus what Amazon are saying?

  13. how1ard

    Been on the blower to Amazon. The customer service guy put me on hold for 10 minutes and spoke with the fulfilment team, he then came back with chapter and verse on the black version.

    They are expecting stock today (Thursday 5th July), he couldn’t tell me how many phones for security reasons but it’s a lot, they do have enough coming to fulfil pre orders. They will not despatch until tomorrow as they will be checking the product into warehouses today. They’ve taken it off the site as they can’t meet demand, yes a Nokia phone that is popular, take that Symbian haters!
    Due to their policy on delivery times etc they would rather not take orders than mess people about hence it’s change of status on the site.
    Now he was very keen to stress that they do not have the phones yet but they have no reason to doubt their arrival today, he said he was told by fulfilment to manage expectations and not promise anything but that he could tell me they expect to have them today.

    His name was Aaron and he was very helpful. Over to you Nokia……. Don’t screw it up!

    • Matt

      Fair play to you Howard, thanks for filling us in. I look forward to my “your order has been dispatched” email tomorrow! – Its on you if I dont get that email though! ;-)

      Thanks for the update!

      • how1ard

        No worries Matt, I’m checking my order status every hour to see if there is any change.

        If it was up to me you’d already have it ;-)

    • stephen

      So just checked the net for “Mark Squires” from Nokia – I quote:

      Mark Squires is director of social media at Nokia, and is responsible for the Nokia Conversations blog, internal blogs, blogger outreach, and more.

      So either he is getting told untruths from his colleagues in Nokia or Amazon are completely incompetent in saying they “got stock” /”never got stock”. Which is it?

  14. Al Reynolds

    Latest update: Had a call and email from a more helpful chap in the Amazon UK escalation team. Here’s what the email said:

    “My name is Adrian and I work in the Customer Escalation Team. Further to our conversation on the phone today, I’m sorry to hear of the delay to your order for Nokia 808 PureView Sim Free Mobile Phone – White and I can fully appreciate the disappointment and frustration this has caused. I’m also sorry that our previous email implied that we had already sold this item to customers that had placed an order prior to yours. I can confirm that we have not received any stock of this product due to a delay from our suppliers and we haven’t fulfilled any orders for it yet.

    Unfortunately, as requested, I cannot advise how many Nokia 808 PureView Sim Free Mobile Phones – White were ordered prior to yours but please be assured that when we have pre-orders for any item, they are dispatched immediately on their arrival to our fulfilment centre.

    I’m sorry that Nokia have advised you that we are expected to take delivery of the Nokia 808 PureView Sim Free Mobile Phone – White today. If we were aware of this, our website would certainly have been updated to reflect this and all customers that had pre-ordered it would have received an email with an estimated delivery date. As none of this has happened, I believe that Nokia’s information to you may be inaccurate.

    Due to the speed at which news travels the internet, as an online retailer, we understand the importance of updating you as fast as possible. When we are awaiting a delayed item such as this, as soon as we are aware of the date that it is expected to arrive from our suppliers, our website is updated and any customers awaiting the item are informed.”

    He also told me on the phone that there are 25 pre-orders for the white 808, and none of them have been sent out yet. He couldn’t confirm if there was any stock arriving today.

    So, Nokia UK say they sent some last Friday, but Amazon UK say that’s not true. Curiouser and curiouser. Have to wait and see, I guess…

    • stephen

      Incredible, thanks for the update. Would like to hear what Mark Squires of Nokia UK has to say about this. Whole thing is a mess – how difficult can it be for Nokia to confirm a simple thing.

  15. Al Reynolds

    Just had another meaningless exchange with Amazon UK. White 808 now shows as “unavailable and we have no clue when it will be in” even though last night it said “stock due in 5 July”. They couldn’t offer me any explanation as to why the stock status had changed overnight.

    Previously I have always had good service from Amazon but I’m pretty disappointed on this one. We’ll see what happens tomorrow, I guess.

    • stephen

      YOu’re right Al. Hard to know whether it is Amazon or Nokia that is incompetent. I suspect Nokia to be honest! They don’t seem to want to sell this phone!

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  17. Al Reynolds

    So the black 808 is back up with 5 July availability (http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0080E5G9) but the white 808 is still not available and not available for pre-order either(http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0080OSD34).

    Not sure when I’m going to get my white 808 :-(

    • Al Reynolds

      The white 808 is now listed on Amazon UK as “In stock on July 5, 2012″, just like the black. If you put one in your basket and select expedited shipping, it suggests that it will be dispatched on 5 July and delivered on 6 July.

      I pre-ordered the white 808 on 10 June and have selected expedited shipping, so I’m really hoping I’m going to get mine on Friday … I guess it just depends on how many pre-orders there were before mine.

      Thank you to Mark for pushing whichever buttons were needed to get some decent info on this one!

    • Al Reynolds

      And now, this morning, it’s back to no availability and not available for pre-order. My order doesn’t have an estimated delivery date and when I ring Amazon they have no other information. I just hope this is a glitch and I’ll actually get my order anyway.

  18. hairychad

    is it safe to believe the updated amazon pre-order for 5th July?!?

    • hairychad

      see Mark from Nokia’s comment below – Hopefully there is enough stock for our pre-orders :)

  19. Hi, I work in Nokia UK and saw this thread. Amazon has sold out of the initial stock of PureView 808′s, this means that the site should state ‘out of stock’, unfortunately as you have noticed there appears to be a technical glitch. I’ve spoken to the team that work with Amazon and they are on the case, apologies and again thanks for pointing this out.


    • hairychad

      Mark – Brilliant – Thanks very much for the honesty…
      I was a little worried that my N8 would have to do for Japan photos July 22nd – it’s getting close :)
      I’m a big fan of Nokia and even included in the Amazing Collective so I’m hoping to carry this love on for a bit.
      (Note, the main reason I’m not using the Lumia 800 now is the Podcast download aspect as I wouldn’t be able to download podcasts in Japan unless I took a laptop.. The phone/OS was otherwise fantastic)

    • Al Reynolds

      Hi Mark. See my comment above – are Amazon going to get white 808s as well as black ones on 5 July? Thanks.

      • Hi Al, I talked to our sales team and they told me that Amazon had white and black from us last week. Next weeks delivery is due to be both again but at present the 808 is selling as fast as it is shipping so it may be that they have already pre orders for the white. Things should calm down soon and we are doing our best to ensure that we keep stock coming.


        • Al Reynolds

          Thanks for that! I pre-ordered 10 June so hopefully I will get mine soon. I appreciate the info!


          • Colin Davidson

            Any official update?!?
            I had to cancel loads of personal meetings to be in the office today to collect the phone, and now it’s not delivering again..

            • Colin Davidson

              Also, I need it by 21st July for a 3 week holiday so Nokia may do without the £500 if it’s not on its way soon :(
              expansys are showing Due Tuesday 24th July

            • hazeyjames

              I got another email from Amazon this morning saying there is a delay in obtaining stock. Exactly the same message as last week. Delivery estimate was saying 6th of July.
              Off on holiday tomorrow, shame I won’t be able to test out the 808 in Venice.
              Has anyone got hold of one from Amazon?

    • PureViewClub

      Hi Marc, thank you very much for clearing this up for all of us! I just wrote a blogpost about your reactions for those who don’t follow this thread. Glad to have you here as visitor of the club! :-)

    • stephen

      Technical glitch – AGAIN at Amazon UK – the date (5th July) when it’s supposed to be in stock and the phone has disappeared off the site like the last time. I dunno – Nokia sure knows how to mess up the potential for sales.

  20. stephen

    Excellent comment Al. It is truly bizarre that a company who needs to sell more smartphones would make such a mess of things like this.

    • stephen

      actually, would love to see Al’s comment in it’s entirety being sent to Elop. It is a classic example of what is wrong with Nokia while other manufacturers get on with the business of actually selling product.

      • PureViewClub

        I have no doubt Nokia is reading the blogposts and the reactions in the PureViewClub as well. If they reach Elop is another question though…

        • PureViewClub

          Told you so ;-) – now, I’m just waiting for mr. Elop to write something in the PureViewClub, that would be cool :-)

  21. Al Reynolds

    On 26 June at 2:34am, @nokia_uk (the official Twitter account for Nokia UK) wrote a tweet saying: “The ‪#808PureView is available for pre-order from Amazon and will be shipping at the end of June! – http://nokia.ly/LN8geR”. The tweet can be seen at: https://twitter.com/nokia_uk/status/217551396600426496.

    On the same day, the official Nokia UK Facebook account posted a photo of the 808 PureView with the status update: “We are very happy to announce that the revolutionary Nokia 808 PureView is available for pre-order through Amazon and will be shipping at the end of June – http://nokia.ly/LN8inc. Click ‘Like’ if you are excited!”. The photo and status update can be seen at: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150913398226523.

    On the same day, the Nokia page indicating global availability of the 808 PureView at http://www.nokia.com/global/products/phone/808pureview/availability/ was updated to include United Kingdom as one of the countries where the 808 would be released.

    Clicking on the links in the Nokia UK tweet, the Nokia UK Facebook update, or on the Nokia global 808 availability page all take you to http://www.nokia.com/gb-en/products/phone/808/ which is the product page for the 808 on the Nokia UK website.

    On the same day, the Nokia UK website http://www.nokia.co.uk/ was updated so that navigating to Products then All phones yields a list with the Nokia 808 at the very beginning. It is not highlighted as “Coming soon” like some other phones, which implies that is it either released or in the process of being released. Clicking on the info button and then the “Learn more” link takes you to the same product page for the 808 as that linked to by the tweet and Facebook updates mentioned above and the Nokia global 808 availability map: http://www.nokia.com/gb-en/products/phone/808/.

    On the Nokia UK 808 product page, as linked to by FOUR different OFFICIAL Nokia sources (the Nokia UK Twitter account, the Nokia UK Facebook account, the global 808 availability page, and the Nokia UK homepage), there is a link under the title “Where to get yours” which says “Order now”. Moving your mouse over this link reveals a further message with the heading “Nokia 808 PureView”. Under this it says “Order from Amazon.co.uk, today”. Clicking on this link takes you to the Nokia 808 PureView page on Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Nokia-PureView-Mobile-Phone-Camera/dp/B0080E5G9I/. On 26 June when Nokia UK announced the UK availability of the 808 on Amazon UK, the product page on Amazon UK (which Nokia were linking to) listed the release date as 30 June. This tied in exactly with Nokia’s original announcement that the 808 would be “shipping at the end of June”.

    On ordering the 808 (using the page linked to from the Nokia UK website) the order details indicated that the product would be dispatched on 29 June for delivery on 30 June.

    On 27 June, in answer to a tweet asking whether the Nokia 808 PureView would be available on contract, Nokia UK’s official twitter account @nokia_uk responded, saying “It is only available sim free, but you can buy it directly from Amazon. Thanks!”. This further corroborated the fact that Amazon are the official channel for sales of the 808. This tweet, including the one it was in response to, can be seen at: https://twitter.com/nokia_uk/status/217899827600691202.

    On 28 June, in answer to a tweet asking when the Nokia 808 PureView would be on sale in the UK, Nokia UK’s official twitter account @nokia_uk responded, saying “Thanks for your interest in 808 PureView. It won’t be sold in the UK other than on Amazon. Full EU warranty still applies. Thanks!”. This again corroborated the fact that Amazon are the official channel for sales of the 808. This tweet, including the one it was in response to, can be seen at: https://twitter.com/nokia_uk/status/218288002391220226.

    All of the above clarifies why we were under the impression that Nokia UK were releasing the 808 PureView, on 30 June, exclusively via Amazon UK.

    Now, there have been no deliveries of pre-orders and the product can’t be pre-ordered. Conclusion: Nokia UK couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery.