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First impressions Nokia 808 PureView

After racing to Nokia headquarters in the Netherlands this morning, I hardly had a chance to really work with the Nokia 808 PureView (I also have a job so I had to spend the rest of the day at the office, hardly able to concentrate though). For now, I can only share my first impressions, which in itself not a bad thing, because one tends to forget those first impressions after a while.

First: although it may sound funny, I find the Nokia 808 PureView is smaller than I expected, and smaller than I remembered from my first acquaintance in Barcelona. There, during the Mobile World Congress, I was playing around with the white version a few times (just couldn’t leave the stand alone), so in some way I always had this color in mind.

I was – second first impression – surprised to see the black version has a silver casing for the lense, where the white and red version have a black one. It makes for a very charming contrast in the black version, which otherwise of course would of course have been completely black. I hope however this silver will prove to be scratch resistant enough…

Another surprise was that in the box I found the headset (in-ear, my favorite), battery, charger and USB cable (doh) and a leather wrist strap (nice!) – but not the short USB-on-the-go cable I expected, after finding it years ago in the package of the N8 and E7. It enables you to directly copy your pictures or video from your phone to a USB-stick – and the 808 PureView support USB-on-the-go as well.

I checked and double-checked: Nokia is treating it as an accessory, which I find a bit disappointing. This might be different in other countries. Below you see the cable I mean, this one is from the E7 package.

I have no information as to what this accessory will cost, and maybe you don’t think of it as absolutely necessary (for instance, I never used it with the N8 or E7), but in this case – since video files will be huge – I think it will come in quite handy.

Here are two pictures from the headset, one with the different sized earbuds, and one close up.

After making the unboxing pictures that attracted so much attention today it was time to insert my simcard – next first impression: you will need a micro-sim! That’s not a bad thing, but can be frustrating if you’re not prepared and your local reseller is not able to cut your old simcard. Good to know: a micro-SD is not included, so you might want to buy one directly.

I brought my micro-sim as well (I have a duo sim, one is cut), so I could directly fire up my Nokia 808 PureView. Much to my surprise it immediately appeared to remember who I am. Looks like somewhere out there Nokia is keeping a database of phone numbers that are or have been connected to its servers, so it was extremely easy for me to set up my 808.

But I have a Nokia account, so I didn’t need to register, that makes it all smooth sailing. When it’s your first Symbian device however, you don’t need to have a Nokia account to start using you smartphone – you can always register later (which is quite different than Apple for one thing).

Another first impression: very soon I got a message saying that there were two important updates waiting for installation – that surprised me since I figured I had a device with the latest software.

So I don’t know if this is because I have a Nokia account or not, but my 808 told me I had Microsoft Apps and Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 to install. I didn’t need a WiFi connection to do so (I didn’t have the chance to connect to any WiFi network yet).

Believe it or not, I didn’t have a chance to make useful pictures with it yet! Yes! I know! But I need to dive into the menu first, see what the possibilities are, and last but not least, I need better light – and weather!

I’m writing this from The Netherlands as you probably know by now, and although the meteorological summer has started a few days ago, there is not much proof of that outside – on the contrary, I might add. It’s dark and it’s raining, and you wouldn’t risk your Nokia 808 PureView to wet conditions, would you?

Soon however, I promiss. For now, I hope I can please you with some more pictures of this device, which I am now totally, completely and utterly in love with. But it’s a typical “love at first sight”, and I really hope the Nokia 808 Pureview will live up to my expectations.

Let me know below if there’s anything you would like me to test for you, I’ll promiss I’ll see what I can do!

To conclude this first impression some technical details you might find interesting. This Nokia 808 PureView runs on Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 and has softwareversion 112.020.0309. The date of this version is 2012-05-19. Product code is 059M952.
Browser version is 8.2, Flash version 4.0, Java version 2.4.


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59 Responses

  1. [...] things like these). You can find much more pictures in – here is yet another link – my first impression of the Nokia 808 PureView.There are a lot of interesting accessories for the Nokia 808 PureView as well. The only problem is [...]

  2. Shane

    What about the battery capacity for 808, could you share some of your experience about that ?
    I guess you have used the phone a lot during these photo-sessions but it`s also useful to know anyway.

    • PureViewClub

      Yes, and I’m happy with it I must say. I never worry I should plug it in before I go to sleep, for instance. Already with the Nokia N8 I was always confident I could bring it without worrying – that’s (the new) Symbian at work.

      But of course, I’ve not been only making a lot of pictures and (long) video’s the first week (I broke a personal record at least) , also, later in the day, I’ve had it connected to my PC a lot, to copy the files. And that’s where it charges as well.

      So in general in my experience it is very good. I also hear people complaining about it though. Battery not charging completely, editing pictures on the device draining it. I can´t possibly test everything within a few days. Hope this has given you a first impression.

  3. Just a thought – how essential are updates from Micro$oft on Symbian?
    Sounds like information gathering to me.

    • PureViewClub

      Do you mean Microsoft Apps? That’s a suite that allows you to use and work with several well-known Microsoft programs like Word, Excel, Powerpoint. To use Microsoft’s OneNote, you need a Microsoft Hotmail or Live account. I don’t see much information gathering there to be honest. Installing Gmail or Facebook is most likely a bigger “risk”…

  4. Red is the new Black!
    I was interested in the lanyard – I put my phone on a long string around my neck. I haven’t lost a phone or dropped it in the toilet since I tried this wheeze. Long enough to reach a pocket is about right.
    So can we assume there is the usual strong hole for fitting the lanyard?
    There. That was an easy question.
    Your English is perfect BTW.

    Mr Red

    • PureViewClub

      Hello Mr Red,

      First, thank you for your compliment, very kind.

      About your easy question. When you look at the backside of the phone, at the bottom, there are two tiny holes. The middle one is a microphone, but on the right side (the side without the buttons) you find another whole. You can attach the string under the back cover and it will stick out of through that tiny hole. So yes, it’s there.



  5. syeda ayesha siddiqua

    when is it gonna b launched in india?and how much would it b 4 in INR??

  6. civichief

    I don’t understand, why the flagship phone is made in china. That is sad for us Europeans.

    • Mauro

      fully agreee! In the past “high end” units were made in Finland,
      now we have a €599 phone cheaply made in China.
      No wonder Europe employment is going “belly up”

      • zarul666

        i think 808 it’s not ‘high end’ enough for Elop standard.but if Lumia using Pureview,then it will be ‘high end’ n it will be made straight out from Finland

  7. @@@@@@ ashok soni@@@@ mate usg otg original is around 400 rs in india and the fake one is around 150 rupees…

  8. Mike Day

    Is the 808 on sale in Holland now or is this just a loan unit?

    • PureViewClub

      As far as I know it will be on sale by the end of next week. Not promising anything thoughm I don’t work for Nokia. And no, this is not just a loan unit ;-)

  9. Graham Neumann

    I am waiting for gsmarena review. I own N8 and had been waiting for its succesor so long. We will see what the result will be.

  10. Extraneus

    Like the others say, let’s have some low-light, in-door photos, please! :)

    • PureViewClub

      Again, should I use flash or not? I hardly ever take photo’s in-door to tell you the truth, so I’m wondering what you would like to be tested: the sensor or the flash….

  11. alexandre

    hi, nice review, thanks for that!

    I’ve seen picture from 808 in this website


    and i’d like you to check if pictures that you are gonna shot are quite bleu or not… important for a pureview device!!

    thank you :)

    • PureViewClub

      Quite blue? A bit too cold you mean? Or…? I don’t really understand what you would like me to answer.

  12. Jack


    Thanks for nice pictures and review.

    Could you do a test to check if 808 support 64GB SDXC memory card or not ?


    • sars82

      32GB SdHc

    • NobleScarlet

      There is a huge chance that the PureView supports microSDXC with 64GB and up. On the N8 and 701, they can be used by formatting the card to FAT32 file system. By default, microSDXC cards are formatted in the exFAT file system. If the 808 supports it out-of-the-box, then that would definitely be something! :)

      • Jack

        If you have a chance to confirm it, that would be great as I think many buyers of 808 with to use 64GB if possible:-)


        • PureViewClub

          I have asked my contact at Nokia just now, as soon as I have an answer here I will let you know.

  13. NobleScarlet

    Cool first review there! :)

    Would it be okay for you to do some video tests? Like how it handles .avi and .mkv files even with AC3 audio? And if you already have a microSD, how about formatting it with NTFS or exFAT and then see if the 808 can read them.

    • PureViewClub

      It’s not a review, just some first impressions… I’m a bit overwhelmed by all different questions, especially since I have so much testing and filming to do. But I will try, I promiss.

  14. This is sweet.. Btw original USB On the go cable is about INR 2000+ or something.. You can get a generic not original one in about INR 100.. I am disappointing also about this but looking at other rivals in the market, they don’t provide much too along with the box so I guess every company is cutting out their cost in some ways..

    I am really happy to see the ear sets.. I do like them.. Not happy that Black has silver around it’s camera., it might get scratches.. Better would have been completely black..

    Thanks for your pics.. Keep posting more ..

    • PureViewClub

      Thank you for your enthusiasm. I will post more pictures, no doubt.

  15. André.

    Hi! Could you test the audio(both with headset and without it) and call quality? I’m considering buying a 808 Pureview and I really need to know this.

    • PureViewClub

      André, you mean audio as in music AND call quality? I didn’t test that yet, hardly ever use a headset. But it’s a Nokia, if they haven’t figured that one out already… ;-) I will test it though, somewhere this weekend I hope. Let me know you just mean the GSM functionality.

      • André.

        Yes, both music and call quality. And yes, I mean GSM funcionality.

        Thanks in Advance.

  16. Paola

    hi! I want to know how much it costs first because i’m in South America and I really want it but I guess it will only be available here in 6 months if not more and double the price so just want to get ready…will follow your updates!!!

    • PureViewClub

      Sorry, I can’t answer that question for your country. Look on the Tag “Price” an you will find general info. It costs roughly between €509 and €649. Although I don’t know if you will actually get it delivered for €509…

  17. Edz

    Could you test out the camera in low-light conditions/at night. It’d be a great phone to take with me on holidays:D

  18. TYCHO

    If you can’t wait for the good weather, here is a beautiful link of a new comparison of the Pureview against the NEX 5! Who wins? I would say take a look for yourself ;)


  19. birju

    hey do you have any news on when i can get it in kenya.. i want one soon

    • PureViewClub

      I think @NokiaEastAfrica should answer that one for you… Sorry I can’t be of help. The club is about the Nokia 808 PureView, but not affiliated with Nokia.

  20. Hassan

    Hello, which colour u find more interesting, the White or black.?

    • birju

      love the red (orange) <3

    • PureViewClub

      Difficult to say. I always liked the white one, but I have nothing against the black one either. I’m not too fond of the red one myself.

  21. Shahrose

    Heyy…wht about the HDMI cable..it’s a micro HDMI converter cable…so it must b there…well…is it there? and u’re pretty sure about the micro SD and USB OTG not there in the box? ;)

    • PureViewClub

      Hi Shahrose,
      There is no HDMI cable in the box. And I’m totally sure about MicroSD and USB OTG being not in the box. In the Netherlands that is. Again, I can’t say anything for sure about the package in other countries.

  22. Steven

    I would like to know the average battery lifetime… Or the battery lifetime while playing a lot with it sounds more realistic since you just got it :)

    groetjes vanuit Mechelen ;)

    • PureViewClub

      I’ll be sure to let you know. But since it’s running on Symbian, I’m quite optimistic I must say. The N8 usually lasts for several days without charging.

  23. hazel Christine

    why is the micro sim needed ?

    • PureViewClub

      The simcard are getting smaller and smaller. The first ones were as big as credit cards, the second stage have the format we’ve known for almost 10 years, the micro-SIM is new and already producers are planning the nano-sim – even smaller. It’s just to save space I guess.

  24. Photos, photos, what about the image quality? I saw a screenshot recently and there was an icon, something like a triple exposure pic, I thought maybe the phone got an HDR functionality as well.

    • PureViewClub

      Axel, like I wrote: I was lucky enough to get the 808 this morning, but I also have a job to attend to. I have to get to know the 808 first and then I’m hoping for some less rain than we have now in this country. I would rather have it otherwise as well, I’m getting photos made with the 808 PureView here asap, I promiss.

      • birju

        take some indoor pictures ;) and i heard people are saying the 808 camera is good (beast of all camera phones) im sure even better than compact cameras.. what about SLRs’s?

  25. Thomas Flowerchild

    Oh, so you are from The Netherlands? I didn’t know that :-) Since you are always writing in English…

    Here in Belgium also terrible weather… :-(

    Groetjes vanuit Gent ;-)