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Opening the new PureViewClub – a brand new sign on the wall, fresh paint and a new interior

It’s one small step for mankind, but a giant leap for a man – today, I’m opening the brand new club. It has a new sign on the wall, a brand new interior and an up-to-date system for your reactions on my posts: Disqus.

But this is not about “moving on” – I’m not going to do anything else in fact. This is about change and growth. About a broader focus: I will write PureView devices as always: they still are top of the bill.

But I will test, compare and review other smartphone cameras as well. And I’ll be able to write about other brands on all major platforms without always having to compare them with PureView devices.

I don’t have to explain my love for Nokia smartphones to anyone here – it looks like we all loved them more than even the Nokia Board :-). The very last devices with the proud Nokia brand on it have been launched: the 530, 735 and 830. Nokia changes to Microsoft Mobiles – and I’m looking forward to their products to!

Today, the PureViewClub continues with SmartCam.Club, with all the content you’ve read here. I hope you like the fresh painted walls and new interior. And Remember, SmartCam.Club is open 24/7 and all posts are on the house. Like always :-)

smart-cam-club-logo-1 640 x 118

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About a few protective covers for your PureView devices: practical, colourful or rugged design

A very unusual title, but it’s an unusual post this time – for once I won’t post about mobile photography, but about getting your gear protected. I’m lucky to say it hardly ever happens to me that I drop my phone, but I have a friend who drops it at least once a week. And gravity is one of the worst enemies of your smartphone as we all know.

Now there are many different devices out there, so I’ll limit myself to two recent Nokia PureView smartphones for which quite some alternative covers are available: the large Nokia Lumia 1520 and the Lumia 930.

WP_20141017_12_41_38_ProNokia Lumia 930
Let me start with what I got for the Lumia 930 – two of the original Nokia CP637 covers. Since my Lumia 930 is orange, it seems logical to pick the orange case as well.

But it has two disadvantages. The colour is simply striking, but the orange has like neon-like refection you’ll see in a surprising amount of shots. Moreover it attracts dirt quite easily, which you’ll notice is impossible to remove.

So I decided to get a black version – way less reflection, no dirt. This has the strange effect that the orange back cover will peek through the cover, but I don’t mind too much about that – I think it looks kinda cool even :-)

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Nokia Lumia 830 versus Nokia Lumia 930. Outside and inside (with and without flash)

I said I would wait for Lumia Camera before using the (last) Nokia Lumia 830, in any other comparisons. But I failed, being way too curious about the quality of the sensor and current software – after all, it can only get better, right?

So recently I compared two scenes (outside and inside) with the Nokia Lumia 830 and Lumia 930. First, I’ll show you the outside scene. I put the Nokia Lumia 830 and 930 both on ISO 100.

As always, I made several shots with each device and picked the very best. Lumia 830 is first, Lumia 930 second.

Important notice: in one of the reactions, I learned that in these first garden shots, the flash of the Lumia 930 was actually on, whereas on the Lumia 830 it wasn’t. It’s embarrassing, but I wasn’t aware of that (sometimes you just don’t notice it while making shots outside).

Apart from aspect ratio, it’s about the only setting that Nokia Camera will “remember” when you restart the camera application. I won’t delete the shots from this post, but you should be aware the first part of this comparison hasn’t been done the proper way. Sorry about that.

Flowers Nokia Lumia 830

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New poll: are you waiting for the next high-end 41MP PureView flagship?

PollThere weren’t as much reactions on the last poll as I had expected I must say, but the reactions are quite revealing nevertheless.

Asking you whether you would buy the next PureView flagship even withouth the Nokia brand on it, 68% said “definitely” - but 32% said “no way”.

That’s quite a staggering amount of people that really seem to adore the Nokia brand.

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Rich Capture and raw .DNG should have been on Lumia Denim (and the Nokia Lumia 830)

As you know, it never hurts to ask. So I asked Juha Alakarhu today why I couldn’t find Rich Capture nor raw .DNG on the Nokia Lumia 830.

It comes with the latest Lumia Denim update, so I figured it should be there. But it isn’t – and Juha appeared to be surprised by that as well…

Juha on Denim 1

Well, I’m very sure my Lumia 830 is on Denim, since it says so… So I should have Lumia Camera, Rich Capture and raw .DNG…

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Nokia Lumia 830 (10MP) compared to Lumia 920 (8.7MP) and Lumia 930 (5MP PureView)

Today, I tested the new Nokia Lumia 830 against his much older brother, the Lumia 920, introducing OIS to the PureView concept. And I compared it with the recent Lumia 930, offering PureView oversampling, which the Lumia 830 doesn’t offer: something’s gotta give if you want an “affordable flagship”.

So it’s a bit of a difficult comparison in fact: 10MP, 8.7MP and 5MP. I decided to work the other way around this time. For the crops, I didn’t make blow-ups from the originals to 10MP (being the largest resolution), I shrinked all results to 5MP to be able to realize comparable crops.

I know it’s a bit of a tricky way to work, but blowing up the 920′s results seemed unfair, since its original shots aren’t oversampled. And I think the 10MP results from the 830 won’t suffer by shrinking them down to 5MP.

Anyway, I will share the originals from the Lumia 830 (resized to fit this post), and below that the crops from all three devices. Like always, you’ll find all originals on Flickr (link below).

My first selection of shot was captured inside, in the kitchen. I had white balance set to Tungsten on all devices because of the light of the LED lamps in the kitchen.

Coffee Lumia 830

As you won’t find huge colour differences in this mainly black and white scene, I’ll get to the crops right away. You’ll see them from 920, 930 and 830 – so in order of their age so to say. Again, these crops were made with “shrinked” versions of what I got from the Lumia 920 and 830.

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